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Central Garage Truck Accidents Page (new photos)
Central Garage photo gallery
the new photos

the new photos...

This part is under construction, and when it is finished, new pictures will be added as and when we get them.

If you want to view all the photos, with no thumbnails or narrative, Go Here.

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Photographs by Donald John MacInnes, Albert MacInnes, Garry MacInnes, George MacInnes, Gregor Talbot and Iain MacColl.

These are the new pictures, I haven't done the narrative yet.

The engine from the Cobra above.
Burnt out car.
Smashed motorbike.
Rolls Royce on the railway line.
Willie Fraser surveys the damage.
Another wreck on that island.
Taking down one of the old eyesores on the way into Kyle.
Another van in a ditch.
Everyone in Kyle is waiting for their groceries...
...still waiting!
3 smashed cars in at once.
Another view of Alex's lorry.
Another ambulance.
The same ambulance.
Another bus.
A lorry in a barn.
Another view of the same lorry.
Another view of a previous lorry crash.
The ford cargo transporter.

Until there are proper thumbnails here, none of the next dozen or so pictures are available, sorry.
James Bonds Aston Martin DB5, on the road to Applecross. This was during filming on the new Bond film, The World Is Not Enough.
The engine from the above car. It had 2600 miles on the clock.
The Filling Station at the front of the garage.
This is one of me just back from a successful fishing trip.
This is the garge while the BBC were filming an episode of Hamish Macbeth
Another view of the same program being made.
This Metro was off the road just outside Shiel Bridge.
Gregor put this car off the road about 5 years ago, he told me not to put this photo in with the rest.
This is the finishing post for the annual Kyleakin to Kyle charity swim race.
This Peugot is at Drumbuie, about halfway between Kyle and Plockton.
Here's a great shot of the Scammel in it's new colours.
This is it pulling a burnt out snowplough over the Mam Ratagan.

In conclusion...
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