My Duct Tape & WD40 Page
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My Duct Tape & WD40 Page

the duct tapers motto: If you can't fix it duct it, if it can't be ducted , its f#cked.

Uses for duct tape:

1) Women, forgot your pad? Use duct tape. You can figure out the rest.

2) Need a new truck seat? Nah, just re-upolster it with duct tape.

3) Need stitches? Duct tape, will even hold when wet.

4) Busted hose? (radiator, garden hose, fuel line, etc.) give 'er a couplka layers of duct tape

5) Broken bone? No need for a cast, just wrap the injury with duct tape. (may require more than one roll)

6) Boot sole commin' off? Duct tape 'er back on there.

7) Is the cat botherin' you again? he he he

8) Keep losin' watches? Duct tape it to your wrist, you'll never lose it again.

9) Ever got hung up and realize you don't have a chain? Just make a tow strap out of...yep duct tape.

*note duct tape refers to Duck Tape, the roll with the duck on the label, may be a lil' more 'spansive, but its worth it*

Uses for WD40:

1) Ever run out of non-stick cooking spray? Nothin' will stick to the pan if you use WD40.

2) ATVs will run on a carb full of WD40 for about 30 minutes.

Just look what WD40 did for my counter!


copyright 1997 Josh Moore 'Efex inc.'

*this page is in no way sponsored by or in cohorts with Duck Tape or WD40 and there respective companies*