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Safety seat, safety seat, buckle up your safety seat.
Ego Trip

This is me.

Hi. I'm Helen Highwater, and this is my page. I'm only 16 years old, going on 17. Guys say I look old for my age! YM is my favorite magazine. I love to eat pizza. I think N'Sync is sexy! I have a big red truck with a horn that beeps "Dixie". I love Dixie! The South will rise again, dawg!!

This is Gavin Rosdale. He is from the band Bush. Do you like Bush? I think he is very sexy. I want to marry him sooo bad!!! I don't like geeky gay music like Pink Floyd or the Doors. That music is for like old hippies! Peace man! Groovy! Old music sucks BIG TIME!!!

This my dog, Bear. He is part coyote and part dog. We're trying to find a wolf to mate him with. He's so cute! Also, next month we're going to get a baby Bengal tiger. I can't wait! I want to play with him!!

I like to hang out in the girl's bathroom at school. It's just so cool in there! And I hate when people come in all trippin' 'cause they gotta use the toilets and stuff, well, BITCH, I'm usin' the bathroom too! And they say "EXCUSE ME" like really pissed off, and they roll their eyes at you when you get mad 'cause they split the group you're talking to right in two tryin' to get in one of the stalls. People can be so rude!!!

I practice witchcraft. My friend Dark Mystryss (Brianna) turned me on to paganism at a party back in the 8th grade. We were playing with the Weejee board and it was gettin' all freaky, 'cause the board was like answering our questions, and she was like "big deal" and we had a seance and she told us about the Goddess And Her Consort The God. People tell me that since the male God is playing second banana, that paganism is sexist. It is NOT!! If it was sexist why would the supreme being be female??? Anyway, I haven't cast any spells yet, tho I did perform a dark magick candle ceremony against Tiffy (I hate her!!!). Dark Mystryss won't teach me any spells yet. When I learn some spells I'm going to cast a love spell on Gavin Rosdale!!!

Hey, guys! E-mail me at Helen Highwater if your interested!