Ten Reasons why Madame Giry is Cool

By Eriklaudia

10) She bangs her stick on the floor and everybody obeys.
9) She knows no one can go wrong with a black dress.
8) She talks in riddles.
7) She has more sense than the managers.
6) Her daughter cares for her friends, even though they seem delirious.
5) She knows how important it is to put your hand at the level of your eyes.
4) She knows how to build mystery around her.
3) She knows what Erik's capable of.
2) She respects Erik.
1) She doesn't respect Carlotta.

Note: This list was taken with permission from Eleanor Lem's website, but the author herself has not been contacted. If you, the author, do not want me to have this list on my website, please feel free to let me know and I will remove it.

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