The Modern Madame Giry

By - This is her story about meeting a 'modern' Madame Giry personage when she was visiting the Paris Opera House. It's rather interesting! Her homepage is EAAB's Phantom Phantasia Website.

We continued to browse around, and were disappointed to find out that they had closed the auditorium to the public due to ballet rehearsals. We asked if they knew when it would be open, but were told that they did not know -- it depends on the ballet rehearsal schedules. They said we could try another day, but not to plan on it being open.

In any case, we decided to book - in for the ballet as a sure means of getting in! We went over to the ticket sales booths and asked what night the ballet was. The lady said it was on Monday the 30th. (The ballet was Sylvia). Then she asked us where we would like to sit.

"We would like Box 5, if it isn't taken,"

She looked at us as if we were mad. She pointed to different boxes on the seating chart.

"I can give you this, or this..."

"Is Box 5 taken?"

No answer. She asked us to show it to her on the chart. I pointed it out to her. She continued to look at us strangely... She continued to point out other boxes, with no reference to Box 5, not even to tell us if it was taken, or that they were selling it. My mother was beginning to think this rather odd. The lady pointed out a box closest to Number 5. Frustrated, we decided to take it: It was as close as we were going to get! (Which was great! It was the Upper half of the Royal Box, the 'round' section...) We would have understood if she did not know how to explain that it was sold or the like in English, even broken English, but she made no mention of Box 5 at all! She wouldn't even answer our questions about it! (Incidently, it was sold on the night, but you think she would have told us it was sold anyway - we did ask her. She was really weird about the matter.)

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