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Abigail Passenger List

From: Planters of the Commonwealth: 1620-1640; Charles E. Banks, Massachusetts , Boston, 1930

"ABIGAIL", Henry Gaudens,master, sailed from Weymouth, Dorset, June 20,1628 and arrived at Salem, Sept.6, with the new government for "London's Plantation", under the Govenorship of Capt. John Endicott."
--John Salem
Mrs. Anna Endicott
--Charles Gott of Cambridge, Eng. to Salem
Mrs. Joyce Gott
--Richard Brackenbury of Folke or Holnest, Dorset,Eng to Salem
--Hugh Laskin of Childhay, Dorset to....Salem
Mrs _Laskin
Edith Laskin
--Lawrence Leach perhaps of Ash, Martock,Somerset to Salem
--Roger Morey of Drimpton, Dorset to Salem
--John Elford of Chetnold, Dorset, to Salem
--Thomas Pucket of Upcerne, Dorset to Salem.

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