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    We were notified March 8, 2011 of the sad news that Mr. Edward Endicott's wife, Karlene Joy (Sinksen)Endicott, passed away on January 03, 2011.

    In Memory Of:

    Karlene Joy (Sinksen) Endicott

    (Passed away January 03, 2011)

    Photo of Mr. Charles Endicott (born in Indiana) taken around 1900 in Los Angeles. Submitted by Mr. William Bergmann

    J.D. Endicott passed on this link:
    Movie from The Washington Post of the Northern Lights in Alaska, with views as seen from the Endicott Mountains

    Mr. Edward L. Endicott of Greenwood, California Passes Away

    We were notified by J.D. Endicott that Mr. Edward L. Endicott of Greenwood, California has passed away. Edward was a wonderful personality and ardent family historian, without whom this webpage would not have been possible.

    For years, Mr. Endicott researched his family lineage and was always kind enough to share the information that he had found. In fact, there are many photos from his research trips on our website. He had traced his lineage from the founding fathers to his own family and enjoyed relating accounts of his childhood in Oklahoma and young adulthood. Not a letter was exchanged between us without a mention of his wife, now adult children and grandchildren, who Edward loved so dearly. Edward truly understood the meaning of family and the value of hard work. A couple of years ago Edward wrote an autobiography of sorts in the form of a letter to us, please read his words here.

    He will be missed not only for his contribution to the Endicott family heritage but also for his sharp wit and humor. Edward was not a person to mince words or confuse meaning and you always knew where you stood in his eyes.

    Thank you, Edward, for your contribution to our genealogy. You will be missed.

    Read Edward's Obituary here

    In Memory Of:

    Edward Lee Endicott

    (September 20, 1933-June 14, 2006)

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    From the very first of our Endicott ancestors, they have left us a rich history and lineage to be proud of. This webpage is for all of their descendants. THANK YOU to our cousins for their time and efforts!

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