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Chuck's East KY Frequency Page

Johnson County

154.755 Johnson County Sheriff
155.865 Johnson County Fire & Rescue
154.340 FlatGap RedBush Repeater
155.745 Johnson County Rescue
154.160 Paintsville Fire Dept
155.010 Paintsville City Police
155.160 Paul B Hall Regional Medical Center
463.300 Johnson County Schools Bus Frequency
162.525 Jackson Weather Station (Paintsville Repeater)

Floyd County

154.815 Floyd County Sheriff
155.805 Floyd County Utilities
155.085 Prestonsburg Fire Dept
155.730 Prestonsburg City Police
155.340 Highlands Regional Medical Center
153.890 Allen Fire Dept
154.145 Betsy Layne Fire Dept
154.175 Auxier Fire Dept
154.430 Left Beaver Fire Dept
47.620 Floyd County Rescue Squad

Pike County

453.450 Pikeville Post 9 Kentucky State Police
162.400 Jackson Weather Station (Pikeville Repeater)


155.055 Martin County Sheriff
My site is still under construction if you know any frequency that isn't in my list please e-mail it to the address below.

Happy Scanning!!!

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