Chiang-Ku Dragon

The Chiang Ku are an ancient species of dragon thought to be extinct for atleast a thousand years. In reality these dragons are skilled dimensional travelers who 'dissapeared' when magic energy dwindled in the world of Rifts Earth. With the re-emergence of magic and Ley Lines on Earth the Chiang Ku have also returned, although they have much smaller numbers for some unknown reason.

The Chiang Ku have always been fond of humans and have taken interest in the rise of human civilization. Being masters of the arts of metamorphosis they integrated themselves into society, at first only as humans, and later letting their form be known to some were considered benevolent serpentine visitors, or even gods. These great dragons graciously share their knowledge of magic, ley lines and the megaverse with their human companions. They taught dimensional travel and stone magic to the Atlanteans and select African civilizations. Feng-shui(Geomancy), astronomy, pyrotechnics, and mathematics was shared with the chinese.

When ancient atlantis dissapeared in the wake of a horrible dimensional disaster, hundreds of the Chiang Ku perished, those who survived fled Earth for fear of being trapped there for eternity, this is because the magic energy began to wane at a stunning rate; this anomoly was linked to the dissapearance of atlantis. The majority of Chiang Ku left around 1500 BC, some remained on Earth and lived out the remainder of their lives.

As stated before their numbers have dwindled significantly. The cause is unknown and two theories are that either they became involved in an trans dimensional war or contracted a virus upon a visit to an alien world.

The Chiang Ku's natural appearance is that of an emerald green six legged lizard with a short tail. The head is slender and angular, the mouth filled ith sharp spike-like teeth. The scales are triangular in appearance. The front legs can be used like arms and all the feet have three toes with an opposable thumb; all are prehensile. The tail has no special features or abilities. General size is 12-20 ft in length, including the tail. Stands four feet at the shoulders. In human form generally 5-6 ft in height. The average weight is 200 pounds in human form and 1000 in dragon form. Average life span is 6000 years.

Stats are as follows:
These are typed out as if actually rolling one of these dragons up.

Adult: IQ: 3d6+12 ME 3d6+12 MA: 3d6+12 PS: 3d6+12 PP: 2d6+10 PE: 2d6+10 PB: 2d6+10 Spd: 3d6+12 MDC/HP: 4d4x100 plus 1000 when dragon PPE: 2d4x100+200 ISP: 3d4x10

Hatchling: IQ: 3d6+4 ME 3d6+4 MA: 3d6+4 PS: 3d6+4 PP: 2d6+3 PE: 2d6+3 PB: 2d6+0 Spd: 3d6+4 MDC/HP: 1d4x100 plus 100 when dragon PPE 2d4x10+20 ISP: 3d4x10


The dragons have no breath weapon nor teleportational ability.

Naturally able to see up to 90 ft in the dark, see invisible, impervious to toxins, drugs, poisons, and gases. Fire and cold inflict on half the damage it would on a similar being. The dragon also has the ability to Bio-regenerate a limited amount of damage every 5 minutes.

The Chiang Ku are masters of the arts of metamorphosis and to this point can shift into any living animal, from human to raven, and can even turn into mist. The limitations are that the minimum size cannot exceed a cat and maximum cannot exceed their own size. The metamorphosis can last indefinately, and even holds if the dragon is knocked unconscious. Although regardless of shape or form a dragon keeps all it's strengths or weaknesses.

The Chiang Ku are considered major psionics. And can have a total of seven psionic abilities selected from the categories of sensitive, healing, or physical.

Magic is a common knowledge to the Chiang Ku and they are born with a full understanding of magic, complete knowledge of Tatoo Magic, and the creation of the Elizir of Power and Deceit. However they bear no spell magic unless they study the arts of wizardry. Most commonly they pursue the arts of tattoo master, but many take other routes of magical knowledge. They innately know the arts of tattoo magic and can bestow such on humans, elves, ogres, themselves and fellow Chiang Ku, the arts will not work on any other life forms, the gift is given away sparingly and with great care and secrecy. Only the deserving recieve such gifts. As such the Chiang Ku also bear "Marks of Heritage" the eye of knowledge (understands and speaks all languages at 96% and literate at 82%) and a flaming sword (creates a sword from thin air).

The tattoo master will bear the marks of heritage plus two magical weapons and two normal weapons of choice, plus a rose of healing and a pheonix rising from flames (the later two allow healing, the pheonix is super healing and allows the power of ressurection, this in itself is very strenous on the user).