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Jillie Bean's Page

Hello Peeps :)
My name is Billie Jean Sanders I have just restarted this page again, and it will be under some serious CONSTRUCTION . Please come back some other day and see the progress that this page is going to be making. I am not too good at this sort of thing so please bear with me through my changes and corrections. If anyone has any suggestions on anything that you think would be helpful for me or just a comment find me on ICQ, or email me. REMEMBER SIGN MY GUEST BOOK PLEASE !
Hello once again to all who have been here before. I got my pics back :) WhooHooo!!! Now I just got to finish the rest. I am going to try to be updating this alot more lately. so please visit often. Thank you :)
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For those of you who do not know me or have not guessed it yet I LOVE TIGGER!

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