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Instructions for Lotion Bars

Our lotion bars are really easy to use. When you first get your tin, you will open it to reveal your bar.

You will take the bar out of the wrapping paper. This paper can either be discarded or kept in the tin. Some people say the paper helps get the bar out of the tin while it is still large. Next, hold the bar in your hand.

Rub the bar in your hand. The warmth of your hands will actually melt the bar. Continue to rub the lotion on your body, avoid contacting the lotion bar with your eyes. The scent of the lotion bar and the lotion itself will remain on your skin, leaving it feeling soft and scented. Replace the lotion bar back into the tin and keep in a cool place.

Do not put the lotion bar near direct sunlight or heat.

No lotion bars will be sent through the mail in the months of June through September due to the uncertainty of the lotion bars state, upon arrival, due to the summer heat. Please plan on buying in advance.

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