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"Fire In The Hole"
A short clip of the time we went to a good old Burger King and decided to have some fun with their drive threw worker. (i've deleted it off the website, cuz one I feel bad about it, and too this kid could take me to court if he sees it.)

"Drive Threw Touchdown"
A short clip of Tim (one of our fifth members) having a hanking to do a touchdown dance...with fast food!

"Gooch Kick One"
A clip of James ("Goose") getting kicked in the gooch (not the ball area, the part between the balls and butt), by one of our good buddies Lindsey.

"Kick 2 The Nuts"
A clip of Steve ("Hardin Cider") teaching Lindsey how to kick James in the balls.

"Jimmie Hits Hard"
A clip of our other fifth member Jimmie running into a volleyball net.

"Kevin Head Hit"
A clip of Kevin ("Wild T") hitting a wall, and not on purpose!

"Don't Play With Fire"
A clip of a narly explosion from Kevin and some other guys playing with gas (try this at home!)

"Tim and the Bottlerocket"
A clip of Tim shooting a bottlerocket out of his...well just take a look

"Gift From Kevin"
A clip of Kevin giving Steve a nice little gift in his cup.

"Steve Pole Hit"
A clip of Steve during "Fat F*cks" skateboarding into a light pole.

"Kevin Pole Hit"
A clip of Kevin during "Fat F*cks" skateboarding into a light pole.

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