Kingdom Archaebacteria

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The Archaebacteria Kingdom consists of unicellular prokaryotes which have cell membranes and a genetic makeup different from any other organism.

3 Phyla of the Archaebacteria Kingdom

Methanosarcina acetivoran

The Methanosarcina (genus) acetivoran (species) is an extremely diverse type of methanogen found commonly in oil wells, sewage lagoons, trashdumps, decaying leaves, stream sediments, and cow stomachs. The Methanosarcina acetivoran is an autotroph, making its own food, and is known for using more of the available energy than other methanogens.

Interesting Facts About Methanosarcina avetivorans

  1. M. acetivoran is the most metabolically diverse archaebacteria.
  2. M. acetivoran breaks down the waste products of other organisms, producing methane.
  3. It was recently discovered that the M. acetivoran has chaperonins which were thought to only be in eukaryotic bacteria.
  4. Researchers found flagella and chemotaxis on the M. acetivoran which suggests that it could move its self in a certain direction.
  5. If there is an environmental change, M. acetivoran is known for being easily able to adapt, unlike other archaebacteria.
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