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Mason's Subprofile-

Shout Outs!

Kylea Hey you are hot! and u dont talk to me in person haha so i guess the computer works but you will talk to me b4 i turn 15!

Kacie lol ure awesome and funny and hot! lol and imma miss you lots when i move ! lol and AALL! those good times haha funny stuff like when you kicked **** in the head haha i laughed inside of course lol

Shelby your cool ! and u dont gotta be sad lol n im glad that we are friends lol that one time when u were at allissas with kc was funny! N u are like one of my good friends now and im glad that we are startin to talk alot now

Angela Shannon and Brooke- Ima miss you guys the most ! i love all of you ! in a way lol not the kissy moochy kinda love but ya u know what im talkin about

Kristin ure hot too! and its sad that we dont talk much ne more! we need to start talkin more again

Bridgette hey sorry about the phone call haha cos of logan that tall mean bastard haha

Rindi hey ! im glad that u had fun in oklahoma !! ...but anyways ! ure cool ...and we need to have another day like Haloween! That was fun!! haha! well i dont know what else to say right now! so bye!

Yea sorry im not done yet im just puttin up pages so they work and this is what was already in my profile so ill add more later!