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Mason Coley 2002

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Hi, Im Mason Coley. I live in a little boring town in Kansas called Mulvane. Theres not much to do there but theres lots of cool people there , but Ill get to them all later. But for now Ill tell ya all you need to knwo about me. ok. Im 5'5" around 110 lbs. Umm green eyes. Hmm. Blonde Hair. I wear glasses but there small. Big geeky glasses are gay. I LOVE basketball. Im pretty good at it but there are people that can beat me. But im pretty good. HMM. What else do I like to do. I like to talk to people on AIM but i hate the computer cos Im ALwAYS on it. But once I move then I wont be on at hardly all. My favorite movie is Hardball. My favorite color , if you cant tell you have to blonde, is blue. I was born in Wellington Ks but moved to Mulvane is 4th grade. And right now Im goin into the 8th grade so Ive lived here about 4 years now. In January it will be 4 years. In that 4 years Ive went through about everything you could go through. I had surgery on my teeth and it sucked but i lived through it. I used to wear braces but I have to get them again after I have surgery again. I have liked lots of people in Mulvane. And if you live there. You probally know who they are. Oh i guess i forgot to tell you how old i was. Im 13 years old. Hmm what else is there to say about me. I play almost every sport. Well kinda. I play basketball, baseball, some soccer. I run track. I run the 200 m .. pretty good at that. Im not gonna be one of those people who brag about being athetic as they call it. I can be pretty nice , but some times as some people have found at I can be pretty mean. Once again Im not gonna brag about how strong I am like most other people do. Well thats really all i have to say right now. But i will maybe add more every now and then , but keep checkin back.

Sorry if your name isnt on this . Just tell me and Ill put you on it.

*Caitlin*-Hey you have to be one of my best friends as girls Ive ever had. You have helped me with lots of things and lots of other things. I will be there for you when ever you need it.

*Amanda*Hey you are also one of the best friends as girls I have. Your cool. I dont really talk to you as much as I should. Well we talk alot on AIM. But I need to talk to you more in person.

*Tiffany* Hey sorry you and jer didnt work out. I would of been happy for you. But hope you go out with whoever you like

*Jeremy*Hey we have been bestfriends for how long now. 5 years?? We have been through every thing together. Things from watching Trevor puke off that church building to beatin down that small building in front of the church. To chasin my dogs around the block. Those were the good days. To bad you dont live in Witchita any more. That we awesome. We havent really got it "That" much trouble. Only got in trouble with the cops once. And that was only for climbing the walls of the church. lol. Well hope you and you know who go out.

*Laura* Hey. We dont talk as much as I think we should. You are soo hilarius. Your a good friend

*Obie* Hey we have had our good times and bad times. But the good ones were the best . lol.

*Jeff* Hey. We were BEST friends there for awhile. It was great. I mean we still are good friends. But not quite as good of friends as we used to be. I messed up a little . I should of never got made at you in the first place for something dumb. But mistakes happen. Hope we are good friends next year.

*Jordan CI* Hey. We dont talk even as close as we used to talk. Why is that ? Whatever it is . Thats ok. Hope we do start to talk to more cos you are one of my friends.

*Steph* Hey. Hows it hangin. lol . that was the first thing u ever said to me. those were the good days. lol. well i dont have much to say. sept. well actually i have nothin to say sept your cool and funny.

Those are how you can contact me if you ever want to

Dont steal my crap i spent my time making them so dont take them. If i see any one using them with out my permission Ill come get ya.