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Final Two

Who will win? The Big Brother finale airs this Wednesday.

Final Three

Who will win? Big Brother airs Saturday at 8 est.

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Live Feeds Update 9/18/02 10:46 pt
Dani is saying that she thinks Chiara really loved Roddy and the worst thing Roddy did was give Kiki a hard time about respecting him (in reguard to Jason) when he was doing the same thing with Amy.

D: My biggest fear is that in the real world Roddy is not a good man. She says she initially thought he was not nice in the house but would be a good man outside the house- she hopes thats true. Amy says she ended up not being able to believe anything Roddy said- she felt too vicitimized.

Dani: theres still a big question mark- I hope hes a wonderful person

J: thats what Im feeling as well- he says the funny part is the internet people know the reality.

One thing about my personality naturally- I think of the people I consider close to me- and even then- there is a level of guard that I always have. Im a very guraded person in general. WHen I came into this house- I have always felt like if you open yourself up to every single person you have too many people that can hurt you.

Amy says once she trusts someone she will do just about anything for them. A: I can always put on a huge face- but in reality it p*sses me off- She says you cant be p*ssed at people for playing the game but to take it to a personal level is wrong. Its wrong to play on peoples insecurities- she doesnt care what its for- A: I cant find a lot of good in it.

D: Do you think if Roddy would have admitted that he did all that stuff you would have been okay about it? Amy says it takes a bigger person to admit exactly what they did- she thinks Josh is a bigger person for coming clean. Jason says Roddy didnt have an opportunity- he didn't know he was leaving. Lisa says Roddy's digs at Amy werent nice.

Amy says Rddy told her the night before the vote when she was crying outside- that he wanted her to tell everyone outside the house that he was a good person. He told her she had hurt him in the house and she needed to make up for it.

Dani asks if Amy would be okay with it if he came clean at the cast party. A:yeah but I think that if you come out and this is what I did- it makes you a bigger person. D: I think the reason I am so safe is I knew it was game.. A: reguardless - everything he said to me was true- as far as you're selfish and all that- D: Thats just me I have a sheild around me-

J: thats what I was trying to say earlier- I do that in the real world- there are very few people that I let in. He says he told Roddy he had trust issues outside the house - so inside playing the game he was only human. I dont feel like Im scarred or emotionally hurt-but I am guarded. Im not going to come in this house and let someone trample all over my emotions. He says when he was HOH his desire to have a true friendship with Roddy blurred the lines between playing the game and being a friend. If they dont have a friendship outside of the house its not for lack of trying.

Amy talks about how guilty Roddy made her feel and that he put her up because she reacted to it. She says she knew from day one she couldnt trust him but when she came back she was still feeling guilty and thought she was just being paranoid so got sucked back into thinking he was a nice guy.

Amy says she looks bad on National Television for being the ice queen. Dani tells her no- she has a heart and says she can still have a heart and protect herself.

D: I enjoyed him on levels - on the game and stuff- the guy ha me cracking up bustin a gut- When he talked about his family--- I just hated the way he played the game and his influence on people- Marcellas said it. The whole thing about this situation is do you have any regrets?- I dont. I can say I would do everything in this game exactly the same.

A: the night before the veto meeting I said "I hate this game"> -everyone said they hate this game- and he said I dont hate this game- I hate the way everyone is playing it.

D: Josh and Roddy were basically the same person- one just looked better. To play this game you have to have discernment- without it you are screwed. She talks about how people acted outside the house sometimes didnt sit right with her. J: Amy I just want to say this - The Ice Queen - I hate that term. I think in life there are people that you trust- I trust my parents and brother etc- but outside that small circle I have a limited amount of trust. There are only so many people Im going to allow in. Eevery single person as a human being has some kind of isssue. Dont let something in this game affect how you will trust people out of the house. Amy: I didnt trust people before this. She says she thought that leaving the house she might trust more people- Jason says she should but then she says now- she may trust even less.

D: You know we like you Amy J: not just like- We love you. A: I have so many issues- its like really hard for me- I love the three of you and I love us being the last 4 in thoe house- Even the Disney thing- I have trouble believing it. Lisa says she wants a Christmas card etc- Amy says she follows through- but her experience is that people never follow through with anything for her. J: as a guy- you have terrible sense in picking a guy (and he suggests the next time she picks one she should run the other way.) D: I plan on going to Disneyland. Lisa mentions there new cell phones and how they will be able to call each other. J: dont forget about the fair.. A: Im don't think I would. Jason counsels Amy to deal with trust once she gets outside the house... and take it slow and start small. A: I trust my Daddy- he has been there every time- He hasnt broken my trust- Her mother can't keep her mouth shut but her little brother is pretty good at keeping secrets.

Jason- I would like to hear you say that to your Mom- I know you love her Amy: I do I love her and I respect her but I dont trust her.

Amy's Dad told her (when she was 15) not to trust in people too much because they will always let you down.- She says she took it and believed it with a vengence. She says people generally worry about themselves- and if she doesnt worry about herself no one will.

A: that may be bad or cause me to always be alone- but at least I have me- some people dont even have themselves.

Dani says they will go drink after the show and she will tell stories- Jason: I think you are a wonderful and amazing person Amy and I think you have a big heart....

Camera follows Dani to the bathroom.

Live Feeds Update 9/18/02 10:30 pt
- Dani... Lisa... Amy... and Jason bake a cake.
- They eat the Japenese food.
- The house gets to watch clips from the challenges.

Live Feeds Update 9/18/02 3:30 pt
Dani confesses to Jason

Dani says she won't get votes at the end and HG are going to have issues with her.

Dani: "I've lied. I looked people in the eye and I lied, I lied." Jason worries about betraying people. D: I did some serious lying, I told Marci not to worry that he wasn't going anywhere and not to use the GPOV. Dani - I did some things. I hoped he wouldn't use that sucker, kept telling Marci he wasn't going anywhere. "I'm scandalous!... I've done some diabolical things." Keeps repeating that. Says she told Roddy. When Roddy would say, Can I count on that? Dani says she told him that he could.

Dani tells Jason that This game is about trust and loyalty. Says her decisions at the end are about loyalty and trust and that Jason can trust her at the end.

Dani says she has been protecting Jason all along. He says he has been protecting her too. He knows he can count on her.

Dani talks about telling Jason to make a deal with the devil - Roddy. Jason says that anyone with power in the house was allowed to have it because Dani and Jason gave it to them. Talked about Roddy's eviction. Talking about how they kept Josh because it helped them.

Dani saying Chiara was good. Says she gave her word not to nominate Jason and Danielle. And she kept it. Chiara told Jason she would NEVER nominate Jason and he says he told her at the end that she would have to put him on the block. SHe told him she never would.

DR asked Dani if she lied. She says of course I did! DR kept asking her, and Dani would say, yeah, that's lie # whatever. Dani says John refers to Dani as the scandalous one. She tells Jason if she is there in the end, she won't get the money. Jason is trying to convince her otherwise.

Jason is saying he was the executioner so many times. Thinks he lost those people's votes.

DR would ask Dani if Jason has a dark side. Dani says, I am jason's dark side!

Jason: If Lisa wins HOH, then I want her to take you to the end.

Dani: "No, if Lisa wins it, I want her to take you to the end." Says she will be happy knowing she got them to the end.

Jason argues with her and says he won't allow that. Dani puts up a wall and says she won't argue.

They laugh and say they have to be the final two at the end. Dani says, "Sorry Lisa, but this is the way it's got to be." (Lisa and Amy are still outside.

Jason asks if there is a plan B. Dani says no plan B. This is it.


Special Big Brother Airtimes
Wednesday, September 18, 8pm ET/PT
Thursday, September 19, 9pm ET/PT

Lisa's America Choice Chat Transcript
From Ontario_Homie: If you win what will you do with the money?
BB3 HG Lisa: I will buy my brother a car, and with saying it he will definetly hold me to it, I also want to buy special gifts for special people

Lisaishot: Would you ever pose for playboy?
BB3 HG Lisa: Contrary to what one of the questions in the head of household competition I dont think so, but you never know.

Amyl: How dissapointed int he other 3 houseguests are you, that they chose the bribe for the phone call home leaving you with nothing?
BB3 HG Lisa: I was absolutly devistated i really thougth that the four of us had bonded better then that, so i was really hurt and surprised.

Meems: Lisa What are your real feelings for Eric, and do you miss him?
BB3 HG Lisa: I miss eric incredibly so, He is a beautiful great guy, and i cant wait to be able to hug him again.

Kaitlyn: Did anything ever happen between you and Roddy in the house, if no were you ever tempted?
BB3 HG Lisa: WOW I did spend the second night in the house in the same bed as Roddy, so yes that night there was temptation but after that no.

salesrep: Why dont you girls test jason and put on a lingerie show for him ahahahahha.
BB3 HG Lisa: I would love to give jason a lingerie show if he would watch, that boy would be so scared and run and lock himself int he bathroom.

BB3 HG Lisa: I cant belive im doing this

evilwomen: Do you really think you can rely on someone elses alliance at this point or will you have to pull this off all on your own?
BB3 HG Lisa: Whoa at this point in the game yeah, im gonna rely on the alliance jason danielle and i have, but when i make it to the final 3 i will have to definetly stand on my own.

countdown: At this point in the game if you left today what would be your favorite memory, and your least favorite?
BB3 HG Lisa: My fav. memory would be when eric spelled "Hi" in my peanut butter, my least fav. was when i found out Chiara and Roddy were backstabbing me considering i thought i had a strong friendship with chiara.

Countdown: Lisa do you think you could wear one of Jasons shirts and give us all something to talk about?
BB3 HG Lisa: I will wear that shirt tonight with nothing else underneath it..I promise

Kerry: okay my question to Lisa is what are your real feelings towards the other houseguests, you said you would share them?
BB3 HG Lisa: Chiara crude sometimes over the top and i feel as though she doesnt quiet respect others beliefs in the house exp. jason. Danielle beautiful, strong , independent,but sometimes a little bit threatning and scary. Roddy a very strong and intelligent man that has beautiful beautiful things to say, but unfortionatly this house makes you wonder if that is how people truley are. Amy i think that underneath she is very sad, she has low self esteem and i hope this house shows her how beautiful she really is.

LisaIsAwesome: Do you think you have changed your outlook on life after being in the BB house?
BB3 HG LIsa: 100% yes i have opened my eyes to the fact that this is a game, but it takes a special kind of person to play this game, and you cant help but understand these are real people that play games out side of the house as well.

CanknuckleHead: What is the most undermining thing you have done in the house?
BB3 HG Lisa: I would think that would be having to become closer friends with Chiara then i was before i knew she stabbed me in the back

Sarah: what is the tattoo on your back and what does it mean to you?
BB3 Hg Lisa: it is a tattoo of purple wild orchids, they are my fav. flower and my grandmothers fav color is purple, so i thought that would get me in less trouble with my dad.

Meems: what was your fav. competition in the house?. The sponge was the funniest.
BB3 HG Lisa: My fav comp was the very first one in the slime tank to see strangers getting naked in fron tof eachother and the world and all having a really good time.

nickname: Lisa is eric a good smoocher?
BB3 HG Lisa: The first kiss was actually pretty bad, but it got better the more we kissed. Alot better

Ontario_Homie: Lisa would you do us all a great big favor and give Jason a big Kiss on the lips and Thank him for being such a good slave in the house?
BB3 HG Lisa: You know what I'll give him a kiss on the lips, then maybe have amy tell him he is a good slave in the house.

nickname: If you could change one thing in the house what would it be?
BB3 HG Lisa: If given the opportunity i would really have rather listened to myself rather then Danielle and given chiara the 2 votes she wanted and to have given roddy 1 vote so he wouldnt have felt so bad or that it was personal.

nickname: Do you think your a better player with out eric?
BB3 HG Lisa: Not having eric here definetly makes me feel like a stronger player, i only regret my decision because my vote wasnt the deciding factor, i know he wouldnt have gotten back in the house, i just hope he is not mad at me or feels betrayed.

Danielle: when you found out chiara voted against you, you seemed really hurt, have you forgiven her?
BB3 HG Lisa: I love chiara out side of the game, I really hope we can be friends outside of here, but inside the house because of what she did for game purposes, I cant forgive her for game purposes.

AlexRae2: Hey Lisa your DR session last show you commented on being suspicious of someone in the house. Please tell us if anyone in the house right now has shown you there true colors?
BB3 Hg Lisa: True colors is a great phrase that we have come up with to describe what happens to people when they show themselves to you., but no one has really revealed more then themselves lately, I think mostly we have a strong sense of who we are in the house with at this point in the game.

BB3 HG Lisa: it doesnt mean i dont think there is another secret alliance out there.

trapper: all the dissing you and Danielle did yesterday while amy and jason were gone, do you fear it may come back to bite you in the rear?
BB3 HG Lisa: We didnt diss anybody did we? I honestly think there were stronger dissing moments in the house then yesterday, I think the discussion with me and danielle yesterday was more of reminiscing and memories, rather then saying bad things about people.

sueh: I am a "Lisa Fan" and im definetly not male I think there are alot of females rooting for you, Youve got to win HOH this week!
BB3 HG Lisa: :::claps::: I know that i HAVE to win HOH this week, and you know what if i dont i will be surprised.
BB3 HG Lisa: I have female fans!!!!

Santa: Lisa are you glad you decided to play the BB house game? WHat advice would you have for someone thinking of applying for BB4?
BB3 HG Lisa: Anybody going out for BB4 has to take the advice from BB3 expect the unexpected and stay true to yourself, you cant lose site of that otherwise you have nothing to hold on to.
BB3 HG Lisa: Yes im very glad to be here on Big Brother 3

LisaFanClubPrez: Hi Lisa I think you are a great role model with looks and personality Do you think life will ever be the same when you get out of the BB house?
BB3 HG Lisa: I have a fan club president?
BB3 HG LIsa: I hope not, I would love it for my life to change when i get out of here, it cant get much worse then when i came in here.

BB3 Moderator: We have a question from a very special guest

BB3 Moderator: Eric joins us with a couple of questions for lisa

BB3 Eric: Hi Lisa- DO you want me to greet you when you when its time for you to leave the show? Are we still going to SanFransisco?

BB3 HG Lisa: YES!! please come and get me when its time to leave the show
BB3 Hg Lisa: yeah were going to SanFransisco and alot of other places i hope, I miss you.

BB# Eric: Lisa i miss you and cant wait to see you.

BB3 Moderator : Unfortionatly our time with Lisa is up, Lisa we have had a great time chatting with you and thanks for joining us today. ANy final comments for your fans?

BB3 HG Lisa: ThankYou so much for being my fans, you dont know how unbelievable it is to know that you guys are out there and thank you for giving me Americas choice because i was getting a little lonely in here without any outlet to the outside and im really glad that your my outside.

BB3 Hg Lisa: Thank you Thank you

BB3 Hg Lisa: Goodbye!

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