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Kingdom Archaebacteria

Home Archaebacteria live in extremely harsh conditions. Scientists believe that the conditions that these organisms live are like the conditions of early earth. The achae in archaebacteria means ancient.

Methanogens are archaebacteria that live in oxygen free environments. They produce methane gas from HO2 and CO2. They live in places such as the bottom of swamps and sewage gas. They are what cause intestinal gas. They are used for industrial cleanup and to purify water.

Thermoacidophiles are archaebacteria that live in extremely hot and acidic water, such as hot springs. They also are found near volcanic vents near the ocean floor.

Extreme Halophiles live in extraordinary salty conditions. They are found in the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake. What makes these organisms unique is that extremely salty conditions usually kill bacteria.

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Pyrococcus furiosus
This archaebacteria species lives in boiling water. It needs boiling water to survive, and will die if the water temperature dips below 70 degrees Celsius (the boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius). This organism also cannot stand oxygen, because oxygen will kill it. It breathes sulfer and exhales hydrogen sulfide. It is commonly found near undersea vents.

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