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Why watch movies,

When you can be in them.



Jet Street Omega

Detective John Cuzo’s Son is a member of the 29th Street Jets and wants out. The New World Order is taking shape and now that street is one way. Billy Ortega is a local Warlord using the new system for his empire. Cuzo must enlist the help of  X-cop and former partner Colt Stevens. They must beat the system before it’s to late.


Breathe Deniability II

"Now I get it, we use this man and his team of mercenaries to hunt down the executioner of his brother, and should anything go wrong, the U.S. government can claim ignorance of the operation and justify the assassination as an act of vengeance! Old tricks are the best tricks. I should have figured on that.  You know, I’ve worked for several administrations over the years, but it seems that some things never change…."


Street No Holds Barred

Elias Schrader- Sleazy bloodsport promoter of illegal street matches. Oliver and Wilbur Drake- Eccentric millionaires that gamble on death. “Skip” Reynolds- Investigative reporter hoping to break the big story. Ian McMichaels- Tournament competitor lured into the world of pit fighting. Wyatt Colby- Retired world champion on a quest to save his former student. Scott Slocki- Canadian martial arts champion and karate bad boy. "Seven individuals whose lives are drawn together by a twist of fate. Street No-Holds-Barred is their story…."


Lethal Obsessions

Seven years after his wife's death, film producer Tim Clayton decides that it would be best for his teenage son if he got remarried. He chooses to hold a phony talent contest to select the best candidate. He falls for the demure and alluring Victoria Chaseman (Mi Ling a Chinese Nurse), a former concert pianist with a suspect past that involves her inability to cope with her adoption from China as an unwanted girl in a society that only values male children. Victor Farris is a psychiatrist and Tim’s best friend. He decides to help Tim set up auditions for the bogus contest. He tries to expresses his gut feeling that there's just something not right about this girl without alienating his best friend. Victoria and Tim’s polite courtship takes a 180-degree turn when Victoria (Mi Ling), trumping the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman, visits her revenge on all men by killing them in the most nightmarish of ways. The film morphs from romance to psycho-thriller meet fatal attraction. The movies subplot revolves around a police detective tracking the fem-fatale serial killer. Always on the verge of cracking the 6 year old case, detective Dale Anderson becomes obsessed finding the woman that’s only known as “Scorpion Queen”.


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