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Best screenshot ever taken of me playing Quake 3.



Desktop wallpaper


Things to remember about Quake 3.

Advance Filtering Game spy gamever like '%1.32%'

/bind F11 screenshotJPEG

pb_cl_enable     Punk Buster

/com_maxfps 125
/cg_drawfps 1
/snaps 40


ihaveflag "I've got the flag!"
flagcarrierhere "<<< Enemy flag carrier is here!"
flagcarrierhigh "Enemy flag carrier escaping high!"
flagcarrierlow "Enemy flag carrier escaping low!"
baseoverrun "Our base is overrun!"
areaoverrun "<<< Warning! Area overrun!"
basesecure "Our base is secure!"
areasecure "<<< This area secure."
incoming "Incoming!"
incominghigh "Incoming high!"
incominglow "Incoming Low!"
incomingquad "Incoming quad!!!"
itemavailable "<<< Item available."
techavailable "<<< Tech available."
megaavailable "<<< Mega available."
armoravailable "<<< Armor available."
gotquad "I have the quad!"
enemybaseclear "Enemy base clear."
droprune "Dropping rune."
dropflag "Dropping flag."
dropweapon "Dropping weapon."
dropammo "Dropping ammo."
droparmor "Dropping armor."
getflag "Get the enemy flag!"
returnflag "Return our flag!"
attacknow "Attack now!!"
defendbase "Defend our base!"
defendflag "Defend our flag!"
defendcarrier "Defend our flag carrier."
followme "Follow me."
camp "Stay here!"
cancelorder "Cancel that!"
fallback "Fall back and regroup."
standby "Stand by to attack."
takeoverhere "Take over this position."
coverme "Cover me!"
affirmative "Affirmative."
alt. "Acknowledged."
alt. "Roger that!"
negative "Negative!"
alt. "Command declined."
alt. "No way."
attackingnow "Attacking now!"
onoffense "On offense."
ondefense "On defense."
guardingflag "Guarding our flag room."
guardingperimeter "Guarding perimeter."
guardingmiddle "Guarding middle."
rearming "I'm rearming!"
awaitingorders "Awaiting orders."
awaitingquad "Waiting for quad."
outofposition "Out of position!"
holdingposition "Holding position."
ready "Ready."
gettingflag "Going after our flag!"
needoffensehelp "I need help on offense."
needdefhelp "I need help on defense."
needammo "I need ammo."
needarmor "I need armor."
needbackup "I need backup!"
needweapons "I need weapons!"
needbasestatus "Requesting base status."
yes "Yes."
no "No!"
ouch "Ouch."
oops "Oops."
kickass "Kick Ass!!!!"
goodgame "Good game."
thankyou "Thank you."
alt. "Thanks."
niceshot "Nice shot."
alt. "Good shot."
sorry "Damn, sorry."
bye "Bye."
damn "Damn it!"
noooo "Nooooo!!!!"
teamsuneven "Teams are uneven."
alt. "Even up the teams!!"
letskickass "Let's kick some ass!!!"
goodjob "Good job."
yeah "YEAH!!!"
haha "Hahaha!!!"
yousuck "You suck!"
rocketmagnet "Rocket magnet!"
nicetry "Nice try."
trythatagain "Try that again!"
andstayout "And stay out!!!"
ikickyourass "I kick your ass!"
allyourbase "All your base are owned by us!"
thatsourflag "I believe that was OUR flag!"