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:Entry to KSK Training

How does KSK train?

 Training for KSK's initial batch of recruits is supposed to last for a period of approximately three years, with all the units operational elements being both military free-fall (HALO/HAHO) and SCUBA trained. The selection process and basic training for new recruits lasts about three months and is a modified version of what the SAS, and US Army Special Forces use (the US, UK, and France were all involved in the inintial planning and unit set up).

Standard German Assault course in max 1:40 min
7 Km Fieldrun with 20kg backpack in 52:00 min
Additional psychological tests (3 days)
Upon sucessfully completing the basic screening and selection course the new recruit goes on to attend more specialized trining courses.
Basic Commando Training
1 week of SERE training under extreme conditions, including a 100 km march in 4 days with heavy load and unexpected incidents, such as abseiling, river crossings, orientiering,and cadre led ambushes.
Psychological sceeening 1 hour

Basic Commando training part II
A 3 week combat survival course at the International Long Range Recon Patrol School at Pfullendorf.

All specialist training is to be completed before a new recruit is assigned to an operational team. At least some memebers also receive training in high speed/performance driving techniques.

The following is requirements must be met before a candidate can enter into the KSK's training course:

Officers have to be under 30years of age, and NCOs under 32.
Candidates can come from any part of the Army.
Candidates must be airborne qualified.
Candidates must volunteer for at least 6 years of service with the KSK.
Einzelkaempferlehrgang 1- A training course that all combat arms Officers and most senior NCO's (Staff Seargeants and above) must successfully complete.
Selection Process at Calw (KSK's Blackwood training center)
1 Day Psycological test (computer assisted testing)
1 Week of selection.
2 Days of physical fitness testing (1 Minute maximum situps, 1 minute max. pushups, 3 10m sprint, stand jumping, 12 minute run)
500m swimming under 15 min.


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