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Latvia: Year of Horror

Prisoners of the CHEKA

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Prisoners of the CHEKA -- young,. old, men, women, workingmen, intellectuals.

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Corridor and cells in CHEKA prison.

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Solitary cell used for torture. In this solitary confinement cell, it is not possible to stretch or lie down. It was used to exhaust prisoners and to reduce endurance and resistance during interogations.

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The yard of the CHEKA prison, where prisoners sometimes were taken for walks.

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One of the CHEKA's cells. At night time suddenly shouts were heard: "Get up!" CHEKISTS called out the names of prisoners. They were ordered to follow along endless corridors to a special room.


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Here everything was provided for the killers: wooden padding on the walls to protect the walls from bullets. The door was covered with soft material to deaden the sound of the gunshots. The floor was concrete to facilitate the rinsing away of the victims' blood.

Those unfortunates who entered this room left as corpses.

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View into the execution chamber.

The walls were covered with special covreings to prevent them being splattered with the blood of the victims. The corner of the cell had a drain for blood. After each execution, the cell was hosed down in preparation for the next killing. In one groove near the drain, 240 bullets were found. How many had been washed down the drain?

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Drain in the corner of execution cell.

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