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Latvia: Year of Horror


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Official statistics show that, in spite of coercion of the voting process, a significant number of voters abstained. Therefore, the new Soviet rulers announced that participation in the election had been nearly 100% of the electorate. The new members of the Saeina, elected as they were in forced and staged elections, now took the next step of high treason and resolved to approve the annexation of Latvia to the Soviet Union.

Prof. Kirchensteins, the new president-in-waiting, undertook the task of begging Moscow for mercy to realize this goal. This was done. All obstacles to Bolshevik plans had been removed. For the Latvian nation, the hardest moments of awareness and a crucial test of its very existance had arrived.

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Prof. Kirchensteins and the Soviet Ambassador at the Riga railroad station, leaving for Moscow.

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In Moscow, the long planned sequence of events reached its conclusion. The Latvian nation had been dragged to a threshold, the crossing of which was designed to erase it from the registry of nations forever!

It was no secret what the result of Prof. Kirchensteins' trip would be. This was to be the last act in a masterfully directed drama. It was to prove to the world that the Latvian nation "ardently wishes to join the family of other nations in the Soviet Union."

The request to incorporate Latvia into the Soviet Union was in the hands of the press on the day of Kirchensteins' arrival in Moscow. However, Moscow already knew what it wanted and what was to be done.

Everything proceeded as planned. On August 5th, the fate of Latvia was sealed.

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