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How we got together
Kassy and I had gotten together on the 10th of March, 2003. (our junior year in high school) I had liked her since the beginning of our freshman year, but didn't really start to talk to her until our sophmore year. She had went through a lot of troubling things through this time, and two different boyfriends that treated her like crap. So I didn't really step in until our junior year. From that day though, I have been the happest guy in our school. (Western MST High School)










On December 31st, and 11:58 p.m., I had gotten out the engagement ring that I had bought her and I was trying to get the price tag off to 'PoP' the BIG question a minute after midnight, but it was stuck, for some reason on the ring. When I had finally gotten it off, it was about 12:07 a.m., but I still got the same efect as I was looking for. *Astonished and Amazed*