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Archeabacteria is the first kingdom of life. It is unicellular and they are prokaryotic. Most live in very harsh climates and enviroments and some even produce energy through chemosynthesis.

Three Phyla:

1. Methanogens: this bacteria makes methane and they live in the intestines of animals to help them break down food and provide nutriends from the food and because it does this it gets energy which is an example of symbiotic relationship.

2.Halophiles: this is a bacteria that can only survive in salt water like in places such as The Great Salt Lake in Utah.

3.Thermoacidophiles: these bacteria live in a hot and acidic water found in sulfer springs. These bacteria can withstand the temperatures up to 80 degreese celcuis.

Example of a representative organism in this kingdom-

Methanococcus jannaschii- it lives in at pressures of over 200 atmospheres. This is autrotroph and gets evergy from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This also produces methane and sometimes nitrogen fixation.It is characterized by having 2 bundles of flagella at the same cellular pole and it consists of a main circular chromosome and 2 extrachromosomal elements and its genome length is 1.66Mb.







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