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So you got yourself a bunny?

Mistys page.

so, where to start huh? well heres some things you can look forward to experiancing, this is not a true account of all rabbits, this is just Misty's little tales.

well i guess i'd better tell you my name. i'm Misty. i am a Dwarf lop, dont be fooled by the name though, we are classed as a medium sized rabbit. (that means a handful for adults!)

Lops are the BEST breed! even if i do say so myself! we are gentle and patient, sepecially with young children. i myself have spent time at a childrens nursery where children as young as one year old were tugging at my ears!

In fact, we are great for children as we LOVE attention, and quite often come seeking some loving hugs and a good brush!

Lops such as myself can be quite a handful, in more ways than one! for a start our size is sometimes a bit of a problem, i dont really like being picked up because i dont feel safe until i'm up in Kats arms, then i'm fine. I hate having my claws clipped, because i have to go upside down, i'm cheeky though, i wait until Kats just about to cut my claw and jump up! i get shouted at, but she cant stay cross with me for long, have you seen this cute face????

Heres an experiance i like, i had a bath the other day! i wasnt fussed on the water getting under my feet but it was lovely to get my back scratched and all that loose hair washed out, i felt lovely afterwords, i even enjoyed having a hairdryer pointed at me to get dried by! what service!

my favourite thing EVER is food! things i get in my tea are; Cabbage, Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, baby sweetcorn, celary(which is my favourite!) cress, tomatoes, peaches, apples, apricots, grapes.. and probably some other things too! i dont get all of this at once, i'll have something like some cabbage, carrot, and celary one night, then celary, broccoli, apple another night. the soft fruit i only get now and then as a treat, grapesare my fave treat! along all this fresh food i get a handful of the dry rabbit food, and i'm also given pleanty of fresh hay, and i mean FRESH! Kat makes it herself, i think she's funny, crawling around on her knees cutting grass with a pair of sheers! i'm also alowed to run in the garden when the weather is nice and i get to eat lots of grass and dandilions! which really is the best thing for me, wild rabbits eat grass most of the day, and so should us pet rabbits, it keeps our teeth in top condition.

Kat worries about my teeth. her old Rabbit (before my time) died because who ever had her before didnt feed her properly and she had really bad teeth that were painful and made her mouth sore. so Kat keeps her eyes on me.

i was allowed in the living room today. i thaught it was great, first i checked out all the chairs and feet and the tv and some boxes, of cource i claimed them all as mine by rubbing my chin all over everything. thats how i mark things, you see i have scent glands under my chin, and when i rub things, they get my scent on them, then they are mine!

i dont like the sun, i hide from it. it's too hot and i just wanna sit under my bush all day. when it gets cooler, Kat checks my ears, i get a sort of excma(sp?) dry patches that itch, i scratch them too much sometimes and they bleed, Kat shakes her head, theres always something wrong with me. or so she tells me. she puts on a nice cool cream that stops the itching, it's a human cream called E45 well even if i am a rabbit it works so i dont mind.

Kats worried again, i've got sore patches on my heals, they are very red and flaky looking, its the itchy patches. she puts some cream on them. thats a bit better, but i'm on my feet most of the time, they are soon itching again.

Im in bother again! i got frightened during a really bad storm, it was scary, even Kat was acared! i got jumpy and nocked my teeth, i cracked one but it didnt fall right out, so it was a trip to the vets! oh joy :( i sat very quiet in the carry box. "Saving his energy for when he gets in there" kat said, too right. Kat lifted me out of the box and sat me on the bench, i sat quietly still. "ok" said the vet. "lets take a look at you, we'll just pop your legs under my arm..." he had me upside down. three... two... one... BANG! i kicked out fast and strong, heheh got the vet on his hand! Kat smiled slightly. "should i hold him for you?" she took hold and flipped me over, i still struggled a bit becasue i dont like being upside down, specially when theres a vet on the loose with teeth clippers! i didnt struggle too bad tho, the tooth was starting to dig into my top lip. with one quick snip the tooth was out. thank goodness!

Ever in bother! that should be my name! i've lost another nail! a back one this time, i was ruching round the garden when i got it caught and pulled my whole nail off, theres just the inside veiny bit there, the same thing happened a few months back with my thumb claw on my front paws, that nail has only just grown back and now i've lost another one! i think i'm jinxed! Kat gave it a check over then she saw i was taking care of it by licking it clean. she just put me in my hutch, it will be ok in a bit, it didnt bleed much, probably all that fur round my toes that kept it clean too.

((more coming soon! including pictures!))

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