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my bunnies so far....


  • i bred Fly and Misty and Fly produced ONE kit on the 10th of October '03! he is very fat and healthy, he will go to a friend of mine and his name is Gizmo! i will add some photos soon!
  • Fly and bramble both were bred to Misty a day apart, both kindled on the 24th of December, Bram produced her little male (called Gizmo too) sometime after 8:30am, at 9:30pm Fly began to have her four kits, one of Flys females (the runt, called Snuffy) was given to Bram to raise, Flys other female (Annie) and the male (Fudge) were raised by Fly. Flys fourth kit, sex unknown died a week after being born.

    I will be adding photos and descriptions of my pets and their offspring, this will be a lot of hard work for me and will take ages!
    please check back to see how i'm doing now and then huh???
    cheers for checkin' my page out!


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    information about lops and some common Q's about them.
    any Q's or comments about the web site.
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