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Kari Moore -- Gospel Singer

Kari grew up in Osborne, Kansas. Her parents are Harvey Jr. and Glenda Knoll.

She attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. While there, Kari sang and toured with "REVIVAL TIME CHOIR". The choir's ministry in song was also heard on the radio every Sunday morning.

After her marriage to Dan Moore in 1993, they lived in Russell, Kansas. Kari worked as the Executive Secretary for the Chamber of Commerce. During this time, Kari started singing with a gospel group from Hays, Kansas called "INHERITANCE".

In 1995, they moved to Mississippi. Kari became the song leader and choir director of Canaan Assembly in Booneville.

Kari and Dan now live east of Phillipsburg, Kansas. The couple have two precious little girls named Kirsten and Kalli.

Kari's life-long dream has been to travel with a singing ministry and she is now fulfilling that dream!

In Mark 16:15, the Bible tells us to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel". God has given Kari the desire to try to reach people for Him through her singing.

The Lord gave Kari a beautiful voice. She sings only Gospel (and Patriotic) songs.

The Lord also gave Kari a beautiful testimony, which she shares whenever the Lord leads her to do so.

Kari sings at many different church denominations, county fairs, festivals and many other functions. A love offering is all that is asked at the churches.

Several radio stations around the area play selections from Kari's recording.

On Sunday mornings, Kari can sometimes be heard on KDNS-FM, 94.1, Glen Elder, Kansas.

To order Kari's C.D.'s, Tapes, or Pictures, call 785 346 2410.

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