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Kerri’s Life As A Swimmer



·        My mother always said that the first time I was placed in a pool was at four months. EVER SINCE THEN I'VE BEEN SWIMMING! I don't remember much about learning how to swim, but I can’t seem to get one horrible experience out of my mind. My teacher took all the lanes out of the pool, placed me in the middle of it and said "Kerri, there are four walls, swim to one." They left me there stranded in the middle of the pool! All I can say is, thank God I found my way to a wall. My mother then realized that she produced three fish, my brother, sister and me. I was at the pool everyday swimming. I had no idea what I got myself into.


·        I began swimming competitively when I was four. My mother reminds of this story all the time. I was sent to the blocks to swim the 50meters freestyle. The problem was the race started without me. I (the genius) decided to hide behind the blocks! HA! Of course my mother and coach didn't find it funny. As the years went by I got better and better at swimming. I won tons of medals (so did my brother and sister). In swimming for my club, I swam at meets all over the Caribbean, St.Croix, Panama, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I even swam at the Junior Olympics held in Fort Lauderdale


·        My next mission was to make the national team. With lots of hard, no sleep and swimming a total of 21 hrs in 9 days (EVEN ON CHRISTMAS EVE!), I made the team.  I was 12 years old. My sister and brother of course were already swimming for the team. I swam for my country for seven years, qualifying for The Carifta games and the Caribbean Island Swimming Championships. This meant more traveling, this time it was Trinidad, Barbados, and Guadeloupe. It was great; I had a lot of fun!
Then it was time for me to quit. I had enough of swimming. But oh was I wrong. I ended up getting back in the pool to train for a swimming scholarship. I thought Oh My God; I'm back in the water. I was granted a swimming scholarship to
Howard University. I swam for my school for three years. 


·        So now I'm retired  but I still can't shake the water bug. My sister and I are now teaching swimming! Who would have thought I would be back in the water. OH MY GOD!!



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