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My Blog

This is my blog, or journal. Whenever I feel like saying something, this is where I will put it.

----------------------------------------September 6, 2004------------------------------------------------------------------- Its been a while. I'm so sad, my cat Princess died last night. I buried her in the backyard and made a memorial for her. It will take time for me to recover, and get another cat. -----------------------------------------April 13, 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am so EMO right now. I couldn't be more upset. Bad things keep happening. First a friend loses him home, then another friend gets in a terrible car crash, and now my mom has left home because she isn't happy with my sister's snotty attitude. I miss my mom, she is staying at my grandma's house in Maple Ridge. I want her to come home, it feels wierd without a mother.****UPDATE***** My mom cam home this afternoon, YAY, I am so happy!! -----------------------------------------April 10, 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am so excited I finally have my own website. I will always be adding to it, I have so much to say and express.