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Hornblower - Kingsland - Schuyler

Genealogy, History, Politics -- New Jersey, 1700s

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@ Josiah Hornblower, Steam Engineer & Politician
...+ @ Elizabeth Kingsland (.see next page.)
...parents of Joseph Coerten Hornblower,
. . . Chief Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court 1832--1846

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. . . Pinhorne, Coerten, Bradley ...



1 @1876 Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia

2 @ Genealogy Outline ... ... page two, 2oo9

3 @ Bios -- Josiah Hornblower & son Joseph

4 @ Other Relations

5 @ Joseph Bradley, US Supreme Court

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@ Edmund William Kingsland

@ Joseph C Hornblower -- Cheif Justice, NJ Supreme Court ... dates ... 2009

@ Joseph P Bradley

@ Arent Henry Schuyler

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Section One

@ From the Dover Publications
-- abridged version, published 197_?

I am transcribing from a photocopy.. Will find the original publishing info, sometime.. A copy of the original Publication -- is probably in some Library or Archives, in Phila PA..

I would like to see the "picture" of the Steam Engine..

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The Illustrated History
The Centennial Exhibition

Philadelphia -- 1876

[..unknown what, if any, text is cut
-- in the abridged Version..]

[..I add'd BOLD to the existing Text -- to show the Names involved.. Possible type-O-graphic eRRors.. ...HK..]

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@ The "article" starts here:

Having reached the end of the avenue, which was here closed in by the space assigned to an exhibitor, we noticed on the north side a section of the first steam-engine ever introduced in the United States..

This venerable relic was exhibited by Messrs D M Meeker & Son, of Newark, New Jersey.. Its history is so interesting that we give it here as related by Mr Justice Bradley, of the Supreme Court of the United States, in a letter to Mr D M Meeker:

"Washington, September 20th, 1875.

"David M Meeker, Esq:

"Dear Sir:

The steam-engine of which you possess a relic was, as as you suppose, the first ever erected on this continent.. It was imported from England in the year 1753 by Colonel John Schuyler, for the purpose of pumping water from his copper mine opposite Belleville, near Newark,
New Jersey.. The mine was rich in ore, but had been worked as deep as hand and horse-power could clear it of water..

Colonel Schuyler, having heard of the success with which steam-engines (.then called fire-engines.) were used in the mines of Cornwall, determined to have one in his mine.. He accordingly requested his London correspondents to procure an engine, and send out with it an engineer capable of putting it up and in operation..

This was done in the year named, and Josiah Hornblower, a young man, then in his twenty-fifth year, was sent out to superintend it.. The voyage was a long and perilous one.. Mr Hornblower expected to return as soon as the engine was in successful operation.. But the proprietor induced him to remain, and in the course of years he married Miss Kingsland, whose father owned a large plantation adjoining that of Colonel Schuyler..

The late Chief-Justice Hornblower was the youngest of a large family of children which resulted from that marriage..

Mr Hornblower's father, whose name was Joseph, had been engaged in the business of constructing engines in Cornwall from their first introduction in the mines there, about 1740; and had been an engineer and engine-builder from the first use of steam-engines in the arts, about 1720.. The engines constructed by him and his sons were the kind known as Newcomen's engines or Cornish engines.. That brought to America by Josiah was of that description.. Watt had not then invented his separate condenser, nor the use of high pressure.. But it is generally conceded that, for pumping purposes, the Cornish engine has still no superior..

"After 1760 the Schuyler mines were worked by Mr Hornblower himself.. The approach of war, in 1775, caused the operations to cease. Work was resumed however in 1792, and was carried on for several years by successive parties.. It finally ceased altogether early in this century, and the old engine was broken up and the material disposed of.. The boiler, a large copper cylinder, standing upright eight or ten feet high, and as much in diameter, with a flat bottom and a dome top, was carried to Philadelphia.. The relic in your possession was a portion of this cylinder, and was purchased by some person in Newark..

"In 1884 I met John N Emburgh, then a hundred years old, who who had worked on the engine when it was in operation in 1792.. He described it very minutely and, I doubt not, accurately.. It is from his descriptions that I happen know the kind of engine it was.. Although from the date of its construction and the use to which it was put, there could have been little doubt on the subject..

"What changes have been wrought in one hundred and twenty-two years..! What mighty power has been created on this continent, in that time, by the multiplication and improvement of the steam-engine..! We may well look upon this relic with a sort of superstitious veneration, and looking forward as well as backward, wonder what another century will bring forth..!

Respectfully, your obedient servant,
"Joseph P Bradley"

[..Justice Joseph Bradley, married a daughter of Chief Justice Joseph Hornblower.. partial information below, on next page..]

@ a few 1876 Centennial Links -- NOT search'd

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