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Lawrence Green Eggs and Sahm Group

The Lawrence Green Egg and SAHM group is for mommies in Lawrence who want to meet other mommies. This is for working mommies or for SAHM mommies because in one-way or another we all work. My name is Nicole and Iím a SAHM mom to two boys (8 months and 3 Ĺ) This group is for those who are interested in having fun getting out once in a while whether that be going to a park or going to somebodyís house

Thank you to those who have joined so far and thank you also for those who signed up to do a job I realize we all have busy lives and if you weren't able to that is alright too.

Please be sure to check out the links for area resturants and if you are not already a member please join the yahoo groups today!!

Click here to join LawrenceGreeneggsandsahm
Click to join LawrenceGreeneggsandsahm

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