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Russian Language


  BECAUSE Russian learners are a minor group in Tokyo, it's very hard to find a good & reasonable Russian language teacher or school.  I had to recruit two students myself to form a group class.  How can I improve this situation?

Since Bae Yongjoon appeared on Japanese TV, the number of women Korean learners jumped. We need someone like him to boost up the number of Russian learners in Japan!
Look, there's no kanji!

useful link: www.masterrussian.com

I started out looking for something remotely as attractive as the Korean star, and came back with something even better!
Russia is full of fun and animal loving people!

Below and right: The only cat circus in the world is in Russia

Komar and Melamid is an unit of Russian artists.
They are famous for the two world-wide projects.
Left:Paintings by unemployeed elephants for fund raising
Right: Most wanted and least wanted paintings by country

You can go to  www.mail.ru  and click the middle icon of     to type Cyrillic characters.
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