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 Katsue's Page 

Author's biography
Name: Katsue
Place of residence: Tokyo
Others: Non-smoker, alcohol drinker
 I've learned that there are artificial nails you can attach to your cat. They fall off naturally when the nails are long, sparing you the trouble of clipping the cat's nails. Is there any way you can apply that to human nails so I don't have to clip them?
 Oh yes, hobbies. I've taken lots of Okeiko lessons. The word Okeiko is made up of "O" which is a prefix somewhat feminine, and "Keiko" meaning learning in general and also training to acquire skills. In narrow sense, taking martial and cultural lessons. Here are the best five lessons I've taken:
       Hawaiian          Russian        Temple University in Japan
*Note none of these are related to Japanese culture. If you need any help to get started on one, please contact me. I'll help.