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Eubacteria Kingdom

The organisms in this kingdom are unicellular prokaryotes and about 5,000 different species have been recognized. These organisms are large groups of bacteria that have rigid cell walls and many of these can be very dangerous to humans.

Three Main Phyla In the Eubacteria Kingdom

  1. Cyanobacteria Phyla- A photosynthetic bacteria that is surrounded by deeply pigmented covering; common on land and in ocean.
  2. Spirochetes Phyla- These organisms move with a corkscrew-like motion and are responsible for serious diseases.
  3. Proteotic Bacteria Phyla- A large group of gram-negative bacteria that include anerobes and aerobes. These are free-living symbiotic parasites.

A good example of member of the Proteotic Bacteria Phyla is E. Coli

Characteristics Five Interesting Facts
  1. Is an emerging cause of foodbourne illness.
  2. An estimated 73,000 cases in U.S. each year.
  3. Causes average of 61 deaths per year.
  4. Leads to bloody diarrhea and kidney failure.
  5. Was discovered in 1982, when a large breakout occured.
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