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Archaebacteria Kingdom

The organisms that are grouped into the Archaebacteria kingdom are anerobic and aerobic prokaryotes. These organisms are able to adapt to extreme enviormental conditions. These organisms differ from the eubacteria in the strucutre of their cell membrane and cell wall.

Three Main Phyla In the Archaebacteria Kingdom

  1. Methanogens Phyla- These organims are anerobic methane producers that produce nearly 2 trillion kg of methane gas annually.
  2. Thermoacidophiles Phyla- These organisms live in very hot enviorments that can be acidic, nearly all organisms are anerobes.
  3. Extreme Halophiles Phyla- Live in areas of very high salt content, nearly all animals are anerobic, and all are gram-negative.

A good example of member of the Methanogens Phyla is the Methanosarcina organism

Characteristics Five Interesting Facts
  1. Creates its own energy by methanogenesis.
  2. This organism is very oxygen sensative, so it lives in the rumen of cattle where there is no oxygen.
  3. In a well fed cow, this organism can produce 100-150L of gas daily.
  4. The gas that the Methanosarcina Archaebacteria is producing in the cow is said to be a major contributor to the problem in the ozone layer.
  5. Makes methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas.
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