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Welcome to Top Elite Clan Fan  homepage TOP ELITE CLAN IS WORLD BEST RTCW CLAN! Our own pages are only for our sponsors/ our members/ other clans which play in  RTCW world championship league and those pages are different location. THIS PAGES ARE for public fans.  We are and always has been only full version RTCW game clan! So we never has been demo clan and we never will be! Our clan start playing as clan full version game early 2002.

Members:Top Elite Clan

Latest  public  news.
Best headlines about Top Elite Clan in media. "Top Elite Clan dominate year 2002 in  RTCW world championship league wining all what can won", "They take all awards in RTCW world championship league in year 2002." "Top Elite Clan has won RTCW world championship league 2002", "Top Elite Clan positions in  RTCW world championship league was 1. and 2.", " Best Return to Castle Wolfenstein Clan in whole world",  "They  beat all other clans they are best....", "World best  Return to Castle Wolfenstein Clan", "Can`t beat them....", "They are best....", "Top Elite Clan  continues dominating in year 2003...", "I`m sure they win 2003 again...."," They have best players in world", "Top Elite Clan is best Clan",
"Top Elite Clan will dominate again in  RTCW world championship league?", "Near perfect Clan....", " Nobody can`t stop them?", "All things in that clan are close to perfect....", "I΄m sure they will celebrate again 2003"," I΄m sure they will dominate many years in RTCW world championship league"............  Let΄s all celebrate!

This month new background music for all our fans who like us.


Silence for news for a while cuz our own pages are only for our sponsors/ our members/other clans which play in  RTCW world championship league and are different location, not HERE notice that. Sorry that to all of our great fans who has support us. I want to thank all our sponsors which also has supported us with really big money in this year. Whole money amount are like this $$$$$ or  €€€€€ /each year, plus all bonuses. We have great leaders and world best players with really fast connections like 100 Mbit or more. All our members  must have at least 10 Mbit connection, plus all must be world class player in retail RTCW. Also our members must have very good computers minimium reguirements are 3.0 GHz (3 000 Mhz), Geforce FX 5900 ULTRA 128/256 MB or Radeon 9800 PRO 128/256 MB,  1.5 GB DDR 400 Mhz (pc-3200)  memory, 19  inch Flat TFT  display, 250 GB hard disk, 550 W power supply. Our budget to this year is big enough so we can pay good bonuses for good results. If one of our squads can win=to be 1. (number 1) in  this year RTCW world championship league. Then that Squad leader will get   3 000€ money and all members in that squad get 2 000€/ member money if they win = are ranked 1. in RTCW world championship league.  I remind other clans again that we dont have time and interest to play individual clanwar(s) and we focus 100% only play in RTCW world championship league games. There play all world best rtcw clans.

We reduce our clan size 50%. I want to thank all members which have to leave our clan today. It was good time with you guys. Good luck for new life and new clans. Your time guys in our clan is over. You guys can not ever come back and you guys can not use anymore our servers for training. Passwords has changed in servers. You guys  are not good enough to stay our clan so you guys must leave. Members who must leave are in squads C,D,E,F,G.  If some members refuse to leave those members will kicked!

Look members page there you find info about all  leaders and pictures about  their girlfriends and cars. New leaders in members page and their info. Simple Top Elite Clan is world best full version RTCW clan and only the best players in the world can play in our clan. Good players or very good players in the world can not play in our clan only best players in world can play. Players must have fastest connections what is available at least 10 Mbit connection or faster or players can not join. We demand only the best for everything because we are world best RTCW clan.

We have over 150 members in our clan. Some statistics about RTCW multiplayer game includes demo and full game: Over 100, 000 players, about 3 000 clans, near 100 RTCW leagues. We are world biggest and best RTCW clan in full version.

We use  our own 5x T3+ servers.  Servers are password protected and only our clan  members can play there. Except RTCW world championship  league games can others same  league clans play against us in our servers. Servers are running 24 h. So there we can practise and play anytime so much that we want. :) No lag that is sure :) Servers address know  all our members and password too.  We have much big  sponsors which sponsor our clan.

No news for long time because we use our new pages which are only for our members. New pages includes chat,forum, password protect to entry and much more. Championship league is closed and new clans can not entry there. We are full so we dont need new members. TEC tournment results 1. Squad A, 2. Squad B, 3. Squad E, 4. Squad C, 5. Squad D,
6. Squad F, 7. Squad G. This pages are simply and for public and are 100% ready. Top Elite Clan is best full version RTCW clan in the world 2002.

Clan vacation has ended and today all has trained for many hours. 13.01.2003  TEC tournament start. I have been in vacation so no news has been added.

Happy new year 2003 for all!

Championship league games begin 16.01.2003 and ends 16.12.2003. TEC tournament start 13.01.2003 and there is 7 squad who will be try win tournament or be top 3. Big money for 3 first Squads.  Winner squad get  500 €/member. Squad which come second get 250 €/member. Squad which come third get 125€/member.  Tournament start GMT 16:00 and it ends 24:00 same day. We use our  3x T3 servers and max players is one server 50-60. Servers are free to use all our full members 24 H time because Rafael company give it free. Servers addresses and passwords are emailed for all our full members. Timezone Converter You will see the official time in GMT. Just use that to know how many hour is between your time and the time in GMT.

Squad leaders Kingsle and Heasp has step a side for leading squads. Also Rafael has step a side and now is founder and not stick to anymore league games  same do Kingsle and Heasp. Rafael, Kingsle and Heasp move very much responsibilities for new squad leaders now. Reason is that they all want more time for do own things like spend time with their girlfriends, other hobbies,  more freetime and they use much less time for clan and RTCW games in future.

Clan vacation time 12.12.2002-
15.01. 2003. All free from duty for over 3 weeks :) Merry christmas and happy new year for all our members!

Awards in year 2002 which our clan members get:  Medic of the year DuvZ, Lieutenant of the year IcemanC, Soldier of the year Hitman, Engineer of the year  IceStorm, Highest average score NeoN, Highest score ViperQ, Rookie of the year CodeRed,  Special weapons users awards: Sniper of the year M@triXX, Venom Of the year ProdigyZ, , Squad leader of the year Kingsle, Clan leader of the year Rafael,  Year 2002 RTCW world championship league winner Top Elite Clan Squad A. Congratulations for all those members which win awards,  I want to thank all award winning members, leaders Kingsle, Heasp and all our clan members. We have great clan, great people and great organization. Dream to win championship this year was all our members dream early in this year and that dream has come true. Thats why we all should celebrate. We have worked really hard to achieve that title and winning title was really difficult. Our clan has won championship league  title 2002. That is superb result because 100 RTCW clans has tried to win that tittle but our clan win this year 2002.  We try win that title again next year that is sure! I dont want to spoil anything but next year is most difficult  year for our clan. Every clan in same league do everything what they can that they beat/win us in every game which they are against us. So it very very difficult to win that title again, of course we all hope that we win that again.

Racing competition today  in racing track clock 12.00
rafael & ferrari vs. heasp & porsche vs. kingsle & lamborghini. Exactly place has emailed those members who live near. Who wins ;) bets ;)

I got almost  speed ticket when I was driving my ferrari with my girlfriend :(  (She is very beatiful model :) and she is my girlfriend) Over 300 km/h but cops not get me, I was too fast for them ;) Number plated was covered so no problem. It is very dangerous drive too fast (over speed limits) so I hope that I dont give bad example to all peoples. For all remember respect always speed limits, so you dont kill peoples or yourself by accident!!!!

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