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11/09/02 : Fade Out Resultz IS POSTED!!!!!!! Enjoy dat hott shit and Enjoy da storylinez, The First Garcias Word and Freaks Corner is up Unda Colummz so check dat hot shit out!! Fade OUT Matchez fo the 16th ARE POSTED!! Tito haz been fired due to Lack of GIMMICK, and Please welcome Misfit to EastCoast!!, Holla 1!! Wassup, EastCoast Championship Wrestling is open fo Buisness, 1 Weekly Card " Fade Out " and we will have da top Rpers in dis Industry, Nellyz # 1 is our Theme Song, enjoy dat shit!! I plan on bringin u da Top matches, We will take Extreme to new measurez, and I plan on bringing da best and kickass Resultz, so join yo ass up and kick it with the Best efed, ECW, Holla! Prez JC Garcia
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Shawn Hardy
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ECW TLC Tag Team Title Match: 11-9-02
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I am Still King DAMNIT, By Shawn Hardy

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