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Our Christmas 2004

WOOOHOOO!!! The kids got their christmas wish! When asked to write their christmas lists this year, they both requested that Dean get his green card so that he would never have to leave again. That was Dean and Rebecca's wish also, but we're too big for christmas lists. Santa must have been listening, because we all got our wish!

Our Tree

We found our perfect christmas tree even though we had to wait for help at Home Depot for about 20 minutes in the cold and windy weather. Rebecca now has a cold from the ordeal but still insists the tree is very much worth it, you judge for yourselves.


We didn't have enough room under the tree for all the presents, so we had to fill Santa's sleigh for him this year.

Our Stockings

As we don't have a fireplace we have hung our stockings by the bakers rack with care.