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We adopted B.K. as a small stray kitten. We are unsure of his birthday but we believe he was about 6 weeks old. We had gone on vacation and our neighbour was feeding Autumn on the back porch for us. B.K. was sharing Autumns food when we got back. It was obvious by how skinny he was that no one was taking care of him, so we decided to take him in and make him part of our family.

B.K. is a long-haired black cat with small patches of gray on his belly and tiny tuffs of white at the end of his paws and tail. His green eyes are a startling contrast to the black.

B.K. is most happy with his feet planted FIRMLY on the ground. His favorite past-times are playing with Serenity, agravating Autumn and sleeping.


Is he guarding them, or hording them?

A past-time

Notice how he sleeps in the MIDDLE of the floor?


No Rebecca is NOT strangling B.K., she's scratching under his chin! Do you get the feeling your being watched?