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This is just like the Ryder cup but instead of America vs Europe, it's red hats vs blue hats.

At registration, you'll be given 2 red hats and 2 blue hats to be worn at all times. You next divide your foursome into 2 teams fairly. Match play is played on a hole by hole game. Not the total # of strokes taken over 18 holes. On each hole, the team with the fewest strokes, marks an "X" on the score card beside the team name and under the hole #. Mark an "-" if the 2 teams tie the hole. After 18 holes, count up which team won more holes and they will score 1 point for their hat colour. Therefore, you should cheer on other groups that are wearing the same hat colour as you because at the end of the day, we'll add up all the points won by red hats and the points won by blue hats . Then we'll award the prizes to the winning hat colour. You may win your match but it's possible that the other hat colour will have more teams that win. So I state again, cheer cheer cheer other groups with your hat colour. You may play a scramble or best ball format or combination of the two. You decide as a foursome but ensure that you are keeping up to the group in front.

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