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Smith Center, Kansas Archived Weather

Length of Service Awards for Bob & Linda Levin

Bob Levin, and his wife Linda, are accepting Length of Service Awards from the National Weather Service at Hastings, Nebraska. Bob has been a Cooperative Observer for 40 years and has never missed an observation date. Linda is his back-up observer and received her 10 year certificate.

New digital thermometer put in service June 19, 2007.

This thermometer is really "state of the art". It displays the present temperature all the time. It also records the hourly temperature on the hour, records the 24 hour minimum and maximum temperature and the time each occur. This information is retain in the thermometer for the past 35 days. When the 36th day data is entered, it erases the oldest data in memory. The display shows the present temperature on June 21, 2007 at 12:30 pm.

Cooperative Observer for NWS Hastings Receives Prestigious Thomas Jefferson Award

From left: Marla Doxey, Robert Levin, Linda Levin and Mike Lewis.

On October 11, 2003, Mr. Robert L. Levin of Smith Center, Kansas was recognized for 35 years of dedicated service to the National Weather Service cooperative observing program. An awards ceremony was held at the Western Plains Village in Smith Center to honor Mr. Levin's achievements and present him with his award. In attendance were several of Mr. Levin's friends and family members, along with Mike Lewis (Meteorologist-in-Charge)and Marla Doxey (Data Acquisition Program Manager) from the Hastings NWS office.

Compiled by Bob Levin, National Weather Service Cooperative Observer since June 1967. Winner of the John Campanius Holm Award. This is the second highest award given to a cooperative observer. Each year this award is given to twenty-five observers out of the nearly 12,000 eligible nationwide. Presented September 1998.

The maximum (Max) and minimum (Min) temperatures are the highest and lowest temperatures to have occurred during the past 24 hours, and are recorded at 7 am each day.

All types of precipitation are recorded using the standard 8 inch rain gauge. Snow is collected in the outside 8 inch can and then melted with warm water and remeasured in the 2 inch tube normally located inside the 8 inch can.

All measurements shown on this site are recorded using official National Weather Service instruments. All the equipment is owned by the National Weather Service and maintained by the National Weather Service Office in Hastings, Nebraska.

For 1931 to 2008 Monthly Precipitation Amount Click Here

If you have trouble reading the temperatures on certain dates i.e. June 2008, and if your using Internet Explorer, click on "PAGE" in the upper right hand corner and then choose "ZOOM".

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