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Lance Bass
Full Name: James Lance Bass
Date of Birth: May 4th,1979
Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Laurel,MS
Nicknames: Lansten, Scoop
Fav. Food: French Toast
Fav. Icecream: Butter Pecan
Fav. Movie: Clue and Armageddon
Fav. TV Show: I love Lucy
Fav. Muscians: Garth Brooks, Boyz II Men, Brain McKnight
Fav. Colors: Red and Blue
Fav. Holiday: Christmas
Scared of: Things that buzz
Childhood Ambition: To be an astronaut
Bad Habit: Biting nails
Current resides: in Orlando
Collects: Tasmanian Debvil Stuff, Dr. Seuss artwork
Goals: Starting a family and learning about music management

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