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The story of how we met, became friends and then fell in love, is interesting and complicated. We continue to be questioned and criticized for it, even after three years of marriage. However, absolutely no quilt, anger, pain or any other negative emotion result from those criticisms. In fact, they strengthen our relationship by keeping us mindful of all we've shared. The truth is, even if we could go back, we wouldn't change one single thing! You may wonder why we would be criticized for how we met, well, that's because...


It was 2001. Mark had just gone through a divorce and was making attempts to reconcile the relationship. Angy was in a "contractual relationship" that had long been little more than a friendship at best. Neither believe in divorce, and both wanted to work out their respective commitments. Little did they know - God had something else planned.


Angy was dealing with many issues other than her relationship at the time, one of the most pressing was the since fatal illness of her grandfather. She needed someone to talk to and didn't want to put added stress on family members by asking them for emotional support while they too where suffering. So - she joined an online support group designed to help people with terminally ill loved ones. After some time in the group, she decided that she needed to talk about happy things. She thought she'd check out this chat thing she'd heard about - see if she could find someone to talk to. She used the name created for MSN support groups and went into a chat room for the first time. After talking to several people, she learned about Yahoo and decided to give it a try. She spent days talking with friends she made there. It was a wonderful time of laughter and fun. So much fun that she went back to MSN Chat to invite friends from there to "Room 16". It was then that a whisper popped up that simply said ... "Hello"

Mark was in an on-again, off-again relationship, waiting to see if things would turn out. Living in a town with little to do in the evening, other than hang out at bars, he found himself at home alone. Bored and frustrated, he often went into chat rooms to find company. MSN was his choice of chat and he'd met several people there. He logged on one night and joined his usual room to notice a new name in the chatter list. He watched as the she typed in the room about how much fun she had with friends in Yahoo. She seemed friendly and it sounded like Yahoo was a fun place to hang out. He decided to give it a try and say ... "Hello"


Mark and Angy went to the same chat room and talked with friends. They had a wonderful time sharing music and laughs. They talked about their fictitious names and because internet horror stories had made both of them cautious, they agreed to accept their use. They exchanged email addresses and in the days that followed sent a few e-mail back and forth, each asking the other how things where going.

They continued to meet in chat and have a good time with friends. They talked, laughed and shared for hours. They also met in IM's. Angy would talk about the house she was restoring, her kids, her grandfathers decline and, eventually, the problems in her relationship. Mark would talk about issues in the relationship he was attempting to repair, his sister and his kids. Each offering support and prayers to the other. Both thought it was wonderful to have a friend that would listen, empathize and pray.

At this point, Angys' grandfather was in critical condition. Mark was trying disparately to help her in her time of grief. The computer seemed impersonal in this situation, so they started to talk on the phone. When her grandfather died - Mark was there for her. He listened to her for hours, supporting her and helping her deal with the loss.

As the friendship grew and became more intimate, the problems of each became a personal issue to the other. Angy was very worried about Mark spending so much time on a relationship that had been dead for some time. She saw it as "beating a dead horse". There had been too much baggage brought into the relationship from both sides. Working things out didn't seem possible. Angy encouraged him to go out and find someone to date - start a new life - find some happiness. Likewise, Mark was worried that Angy wasn't dealing well with the loss of her grandfather, spending a great deal of time alone and long suffering from relationship problems she just couldn't understand.

Each continued to work on the issues in their lives. Mark met a woman who gave him her number, he was thinking about asking her out, but was a little reluctant. Angy was trying to figure out the issues in her relationship. As Angy encouraged Mark to meet people and he encouraged her to go to couples counseling, they became closer and closer friends. Mark suggested that Angy go visit friends in her home town and think about things, maybe she could get a new perspective. She did just that. Angy went "back home" and stayed with a friend for a week. She thought she'd clear her mind and go back able to work on things with a new outlook. But, when she got home, she found that things where much worse than she had ever imagined. She went on line to check her e-mail and talk with friends. While there, she noticed a few things on the computer that seemed strange. She went to check them out and found gay pornography. She confronted her partner, and he told her that he's gay!

Mark noticed something wrong with the way Angy went off line and, wanting to make sure she was okay, called her. She was hysterical and could barley speak. It took several minutes before he could even understand what she was saying. When she finally got the words out, Mark was shocked. Having a hard time understanding or believing what he'd just been told, he repeated to her that she needed to get into counseling as soon as possible. As Angy calmed down a little, she agreed that she would make attempts to work through the situation. However, when she tried, she was told that counseling wouldn't change anything and that she would have to "accept" the situation.

Confused, angry, sad and seriously stressed, Angy turned away from everyone for days - except Mark. He was the only person on earth that knew what was going on, and the only one she was willing to talk to. The two talked, cried and prayed for hours. Realizing that she'd never really loved this man in the "right" way, and beginning to understand what had happened in and to her life, Angy came to the conclusion that she was going to get a divorce, but stay in the house until her children where both out of school. Her partner agreed that she could stay until then, for the kids sake. This meant two and a half more years of living with something she couldn't even think about without becoming nauseous. But, she was going to try. Mark agreed to support her through her efforts and be there when she needed someone to talk to. It was going to be rough and he felt she really needed a friend ... and prayer!

Time passed and the struggle continued as Angy tried to keep things in order. She found it more and more difficult to deal with her situation. Her children didn't take the news well and she wanted desperately to make things right for them, but it was hard. She could no longer look at their father without feeling anger and betrayal come up in her throat. She couldn't confide in anyone and let the secret out - for the sake of her children - she was trapped! She turned to Mark, her now very dear friend, for support and encouragement. He was helping her deal with each day ... one at a time.

With time passing - both Angy and Mark knowing that each had finalized their previous relationships, after giving them every effort to mend, the friendship started to change. Their conversations changed from focus on the old issues and began to look toward the future. Each looked forward to positive changes. Angy made the decision to move out of the house, start a new life and meet new people. Mark also decided to turn his attentions toward meeting new people and getting involved in new things. As each made plans for their future something happened, something neither of them had ever anticipated...


Mark and Angy each felt their feelings growing and yet both did all they could to avoid sharing. Mark had been in a relationship with someone he'd met on-line in the 90's and found himself with an "internet junkie". He didn't want to do that again. Angy was a small town girl who had always known that she had to meet someone the right way. These feelings wouldn't be easily accepted! This just wasn't the way things where done!

But... that's the way things happened... They had no control!
It was "His" plan!

As each tried to keep their feelings secret the other still somehow... knew... that those feelings were returned. Their conversations first started to turn toward meeting each other. They each wanted to see the wonderful friend who had been there for them through so many trials.

As the plans where made for them to meet, it became harder and harder to keep feelings unspoken. After all, this wasn't part of the plan...(or was it!) Then Angy got an e-mail from Mark that said...

"Baby I'm a want you...
...baby I'm a need you"

Knowing the song lyrics, Angy was definitely stunned. This was the first time these feelings had been communicated in the relationship and she wasn't sure what to say or do. After thinking for a while she went to talk to Mark. She told him that she'd gotten the e-mail. However, she still couldn't bring herself to tell him that she too felt this way.

A few days later as Angy and Mark talked in chat, the feelings became to overwhelming. Mark asked Angy if she'd talk to him in private. Mark, sobbing, broke down. He told her how he'd been avoiding "the words" but he could no longer be silent. He told her that he had fallen in love with her. Of course...she'd known...and had avoided the words herself. She explained to him, crying, that she too had fallen in love!

It was an incredible moment in their lives. One that changed them forever. This impossible thing had happened!

Now, what to do with it?

The trip to meet was already planned - so now the only thing each of them could do was wait

Time seemed to go by very slowly as feelings continued to grow. Everyone in chat recognized the two as a couple and all counted down the days with them until they would meet.

The anticipation of meeting was sometimes overwhelming. Some days it seemed as if the time would never arrive - but it did. With all their apprehensions and worry, you would expect for that day to be filled with fear and anxiety - but it wasn't. Angy awakened feeling as if she was setting out on the most wonderful journey of her life. She couldn't wait to see Mark. He too felt that this would be the most wonderful experience of his life.

Actually meeting each other was as easy as it was poignant. The relationship in person was found to be exactly as it had been realized, in cyberspace, on-line! Yes, it seemed as if the two had known each other forever - no fear - no awkwardness...Just joy, happiness and love!

They felt so comfortable together that they decided to share an apartment for a while and "make sure" this was the path they wanted to take. As it turns out...It's the only path they could take. They had found that "one true love" and neither was going to give it up!

On October 5, 2002...they took their wedding vows.

Their love continues to grow with every passing moment. Each day brings new adventure to their lives. Having come from such different backgrounds, they continually learn new things from each other. The most fantastic thing about the relationship is that ... It's a wonderful "marriage" based in a love for Jesus and love for "His" institution. They both know that it will be...


Our 4th Wedding Anniversary is in days!

To our friends in chat:

Thank you for all your support and prayers! You're a great group of people and we are blessed to know each of you!

Here is what some of our friends have to say about us and our relationship...

If you have something to add or a pic to share...please e-mail us!


I remember when I first started chatting. The first person I met on here was Angy, and we became good friends. Angy was always cracking jokes an having fun. Then one day this guy came into the room. Well, he was joker too. I would watch "High" and "Angel" talk and run the nuts out of the room. It was good fun. Then I noticed they didn't talk in the room as much any more. They where "in the box" alot lol .Then before you know it, bam !!! they were in love. We waited for months for them to meet and when they did it was true love. wooohooo Ya don't find that much I tell ya .Now they're together, married and happy making it work. I still keep in contact with them after 4 years of good friendship and you can put another 40 on top of that!

Well guys, I wish you the best.

- Hardyboy

(Sept. 2005)


What "Hardy" didn't mention is how great a friend he has been to us. Mark had proposed marriage to me and I had accepted, but I wanted to include all our "chat friends" in this wonderful celebration. To do that, I needed a little help - so I asked Hardy! He agreed to take on the task. I sent him a song, a poem and my recorded proposal. I took Mark into chat and started to talk to Hardy. When I gave the signal he proceeded with the music, poem and then proposal in the chat room! What a wonderful friend "eh"? (smile)"It's all good!"
...Thank you Hardy!



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"Baby I'm A Want You"


Baby, I'm-a want you...
...Baby, I'm-a need you

Your the only one I care enough to hurt about

Maybe I'm-a crazy

But I just can't live without...

Your lovin' and affection

Givin' me direction

Like a guiding light to help me through my darkest hour

Lately I'm a-prayin'

That you'll always be a-stayin'beside me

Used to be my life was just emotions passing by

Feeling all the while, never really knowing why

Lately I'm a-prayin'

That you'll always be a-stayin' beside me

Used to be my life was just emotions passing by

Then you came along, made me laugh and made me cry

You taught me why

Baby, I'm-a want you...
...Baby, I'm-a need you

Oh, it took so long to find you baby

Baby, I'm-a want you...
...Baby, I'm-a need you



According to USA Today:
61 percent of American singles will look for a date on the Internet this year.



"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, man must not separate." - Mt 19:6



"We Met on the Net"
A study on Internet Romance


"Relationship Formation on the Internet:
What's the Big Attraction?"
Journal of Social Issues,
Vol 58, No. 1, 2002 pp. 9-31
- Katelyn Y.A. McKenna - New York University


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