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Note: Hyperlinks are currently being added to enable users to obtain both Board decisions and Appellate Court decisions by clicking on the case name. This is a time-consuming process that may take several months to complete. In addition, not all cases are currently available on the Internet for viewing, therefore there will be no hyperlink for those cases.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Jan Zimmers (Workers Compensation Board Research Analyst/Webmaster) at 785-296-8484.

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10.01 Generally

10.01a Law In Affect At Time Of Injury Governs Proceedings

10.02 Notice of Accident or Injury

10.03 Generally


10.04 Notice to Employer of Injury

10.05 Actual Notice (Actual Knowledge) by Employer

10.06 Timing of

10.07 Just Cause for Not Reporting in a Timely Manner

10.07a Notice for Occupational Diseases

10.08 Written Claims for Compensation

10.09 Application for Hearing

10.10 Time Limitations & Notice of Hearings & Proceedings

10.11 Generally

10.12 Notice of Proceedings & Hearings

10.13 Generally

10.14 Notice of Preliminary Hearings

10.15 Notice to Parties of Regular Hearings and Other Proceedings

10.15a Time Limitations for Filing Application for Review

10.16 Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

10.17 Generally

10.18 Authority / Jurisdiction & Discretion of,

10.19 Issues Related to

10.19a Generally

10.19b Special Administrative Law Judge

10.19c Delay in Issuance of Orders

10.19 ALJ's Failure to List Specific Findings of Fact in Decision or Reasons for Decision

10.19e Management of Docket

10.19f Deference Given to ALJ's Conclusions

10.20 Burden of Proof

10.21 Generally

10.22 Defined

10.23 Liberal Construction

10.24 Claimants

10.24a Respondents

10.25 Admission of Evidence

10.25a Generally

10.25b Medical Reports, Testimony & Opinions

10.25c Chemical Tests

10.25d Testimony of Claimant

10.25e Hearsay

10.25f Transcripts

10.25g Surveillance Videos

10.25h Unemployment Records

10.25i Rebuttal Evidence

10.25j Records Not Attached to the Application for Preliminary Hearing or Otherwise Formally Offered into Evidence

10.25k Employer Report of Accident

10.25l Business Records / Documents

10.26 Due Process Considerations

10.26a Preliminary Hearings

10.27 Generally

10.28 Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), Jurisdiction of at Preliminary Hearings

(See 10.18)

10.29 Appeals Board, Jurisdiction of

See Also, Preliminary Hearing Orders, Chapter XV; & 15.27

10.30 Change of Physicians

10.31 Disability Benefits (See also "Disability Benefits," 15.43)

10.32 Medical Benefits (See also "Medical Benefits," 15.42)

10.32a Limitation on Number of Preliminary Hearings

10.33 Regular Hearings

10.33a Generally

10.33b Stipulations Entered Into at Regular Hearing

10.34 Oral Arguments

10.35 Settlements

10.36 Generally

10.37 Lump Sum Settlements

10.37a Best Interests Hearing

10.37b Review & Modification of Lump Sum Settlements not Permitted

10.38 Penalties, Sanctions & Interest

10.39 Attorney Fees

10.40 Statute of Limitations

10.40a Generally,

10.40b Tolling of, (ie. K.S.A. 44-509 -- incapacitation or incompetency of claimant)

10.41 Res Judicata

10.42 Bankruptcy Proceedings

10.43 Termination of Proceedings

10.44 Applicability of the Code of Civil Procedure to the Kansas Workers Compensation Act

10.45 Promissory Estoppel

10.46 Stipulations