It was at the beginning of the 2004-05 school year, and Jason, Calvin, and I had spent the night at Austin Wheeler's house. In the morning Calvin recieved a call from someone, and afterwards said "We're going to Lawrence." Everyone agreed that we were. So after a couple showers everyone was ready and we left. We picked up Jordan and Joey from Dan's house, cause they wanted to go, too. Then after that we left for Lawrence.

When we arrived at Lawrence, we skated the park first. After a couple minutes, Danny showed up with Cody, Shane, Sherry, and little Austin. After skating for about an hour, we left to go skate WESCO. Everyone came along. Probably a bad idea. Well, we parked kind of far away from the 9 stair rail that we wanted to skate, so everyone had to skate uphill to the spot. Probably another bad idea. When we finally got to the spot, everyone started to skate the little ledges that were there. Jason was skating the stairs and the rail. Before Jason even attempted one trick on the rail, a noise was heard. We peered over the balcony to see a cop car directly below us. We were there for 5 fucking minutes!

Immediately, Jason takes off running in the other direction, down the 9 stairs and up and across the flights of stairs on the other side. Jason was ahead of everyone, I was close behind, and I guess everyone else was behind me. As we were running down this one road on campus, someone yelled "Cops!" again, so we quickly ran to the side of the road, and had to crawl under a railing along the side, and then jump down a ledge that was kind of tall. At this time, all I was focused on was getting away. I had completly forgotten about the younger kids that were with us. We had Austin running from the cops with us, and he's only 6! I feel like an ass now. Anyways, the younger ones needed help down some of the obstacles, while me and some of the older kids raced off toward a metal staircase.

With everyone secluded in the metal staircase, someone points out that they see a cop car and a officer getting. We soon come to the realization that we cannot stay there. So we leave the metal staricase, and run away. Next to it was a pretty high grass ledge that we had to jump down into. I was grass, so it wasn't that bad, but I forgot about the kids, who were actually scared of jumping down something that big. But they did, and we raced on. We ended up on the curvey sidewalks, on our boards again. Jason was ahead of everyone, then Jordan, then me. We ended up by the hallways and the kinked rail that Rod Harper 5-0ed. As we were going along the path, we were gaining a lot of speed, so much that Jordan couldn't make a turn and almost ran into a wall. I passed him and caught up with Jason. We picked up our boards and started walking.

We passed by an open, sunken in little courtyard with playground stuff in it. There was a little wall around the whole thing. The drop was big, about 15 to 20 feet. We couldn't have jumped down. But along side the building next to it was a skinny roof ledge thing. "You wanna get on that thing?" Jason asked me. I asked why, and he replyed "To hide until we're safe." I though we might as well. By this time, Jordan and Joey were walking up toward us. So me and Jason began to climb around the corner of the side building, risking the 20 ft drop of the courtyard, and onto the skinny rooftop ledge. As we got onto the ledge, I recall hearing Jordan say "What the fuck are you guys doing?" and at about the same time, we hear the roaring engine of a cop car. That motherfucker was going so fast. He screeched to a halt next to where Jordan and Joey were standing, jumped out of his vehicle and yelled "Don't you fuckin' run!"

By this time, Jason thought we were fucked. We stood on that little ledge, helpless. I looked at Jason, and he was just standing there, accepting our defeat. I then whisper "Should we run?" He looks at me and says "Run where?" I point to the end of the roof ledge that we were standing on, to open a door to possible escape. By this time, Jordan and the cop were arguing furiosly. Jason then picks up his board and says "Alright, let's go." So we casually start jogging down the skinny rooftop ledge. The cop sees us and yells "You better not run! Don't make me take you down!"