That only we will laugh at. . .
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NEW! "I fuckin hate eggs." - Andy

NEW! "Why are my base plates in Tanner's backpack?" - Jason

NEW! "That motherfucker talks so much." - Steve

NEW! "You knew that!" - Angelo

NEW! "You'd better have sex soon." - Jason

NEW! "I like killed my armpits." - Andy

NEW! "Oh, if you do see Jennifer, tell her 'Thanks for the crabs, bitch'." - Tanner

NEW! "Is that going on the site?" - Angelo

"It's already wet." - Angelo

"Bill fuckin nudged that table!" - Steve

"Who the fuck is Robbie Crowley?!" - Tanner

"Where the fuck are MY KEEEEEEYS?!" - Steve

"Steve, you've made so many girls cry." - Tanner

"Would you lick her hairy pussy lips?" - Angelo

"What are you doing? Why are you trying to pass me? - Angelo

"Why the fuck are you wearing a V-neck?!" - Steve

"How the FUCK am I being GAY?!" - Steve

"Your whole life just fell out of your pocket!" - Angelo

"Fuckin, I got kickflips knee heigth!" - Steve

"I got grass on my board!" - Jason

"I learned this in Seattle." - Calvin

"Sucka free in EMP!" - Andy

"This is insane!" - Some ghetto kids

"Whooooaaaa." - Jason

"You're dirty." - Matt Price

"Bye Nathan. Nathan! Bye." - Steve

"Everything's free in Canada." - Andy

"My life is COMPLETE!" - Nathan Brown

"Your dick's poppin out, fagget!" - Jason

"Where's Billy?" - Angelo

"I fell asleep in school, and when I woke up I was fuckin groundhogging it!" - Steve

"Quit screaming in my fucking ear!" - Steve

"Man, FUCK this place!" - Tanner