Okay, this is what EMP is and what it's about. EMP does not stand for Emporia, even though that's how they [Emporia skaters] may write it. EMP, as you probably already know, stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. EMP is also not a actual team. It is just a crew. A crew of friends who love to skate. There are no actual EMP products. It's just a group of friends. The origin of EMP is partly unknown. I [Tanner] do remember writing it on my first Foundation board. I'm not quite sure why I wrote on there. I think it was partly inspired by a song, and partly inspired by randomness and uniqueness. Jason was the one who wanted to start a crew. They [Jason and Steve] thought it was cool that I wrote that on my griptape, so they did it too, along with the infamous LMM.

EMP was started in the late summer of 2004, when skating at Bottom's Gap in Topeka. After little Andrew fs 180ed the 7 stair, we were so phsyched that we decided that we should officialy name our crew. Jason was the first to say, "Let's call it EMP." So that how it happened. It just stuck. I made the website and here we are.

Now since EMP is not actually a team, new members may be added whenever. If we make new friends and hang out with new people, new faces will be seen. However, this crew IS NOT discriminating against other skaters in Topeka. We are not rebeling. We don't hate everyone else outside our group. We're just close friends who decided to start this. We are all friends with all kids who skate, and everyone who wants to be apart of the website or whatever. If anyone wants photos or something on the site, we'll put em on. We're all family. As long as no one talks shit on us, we won't hate. Well, that's that.