Name: Stephen Adam Graham

Nickname: steve

Birth date: 6/22/88

Birth Place: Las Vegas, NV

Height: 6' 2" .. (grown)

Weight: 150

Stance: Goofy

Current Residence: Topeka, KS

Years skating: 4 june 22nd

Starting skating: because my cousin and Jason got me into it

Influences in skating: austin stephens emp! b-herm and reynolds

Favorite skate spot: topeka street spots

Favorite tricks: noseslide, tre flips even though i cant do them, front board, not the 900, kickflip back tail

Besides skating: girls, "voss" and i believe in stephen

Favorite skater: a-stone, emp!

Favorite article of clothing: shoes

Skate video: Emerica TIS

Deck brand: toy!

Shoe Brand: Emerica

Music artists: beatles, anything worth putting on "the pod"

Food: half lb. beef and potato burrito

Deck size: 8.125 and above

Favorite words: Oh god

Goals in life: become a pro skater, take care of my dad one day

Signature product: shoes

Last words: sketchy .. "he didn't want to get his dick sucked"

my woman's leaving
i feel sad