Name: Jason Orion Michael

Nickname: J. Mikes, J May, or sometimes curly head

Birth date: 7/26/87

Birth Place: Topeka

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 150

Stance: Goofy. . .sometimes switch

Current Residence: T-Town

Years skating: 4 years this January 21st

Starting skating: because of my friends, seeing other people doing it, and i couldn't see myself doing anything else. I didn't choose skating, skating chose me.

Influences in skating: Steve, Tanner, Andy, other friends, other well known skaters, skate videos, skate videos and music

Favorite skate spot: good ol' oakland park AKA mousetrap, WESCO.

Favorite tricks: crooks, any feeble or smith, tre flips, kickflip, nollie flips, back tail, hardflips, no comply shuvit madonna whirly bird 540 to fakie

Besides skating: music, hanging out with friends and s, talking on the phone, candle lit dinners for 2, singing in shower, watching skate videos, watching movies, putting grip on, any form of art, going to the museum or the zoo, reading skate magazines, shopping, time, drinking and eating, etc.

Favorite skaters: EMP, Ernie Torres, Peter Ramondetta, Arto Saari, Mark Appleyard, Jamie Thomas, Stefan Janowski, Darrell Stanton, Nick Donpier, JT Aultz, Tony Hawk, Kenny Anderson, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, y, Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero and the whole foundation team practically, Brian Anderson, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, JP Redmond, PJ Ladd, Alexis Sablone, Colin Fiske, not Southie, Ryan Gallant, King of Freestyle, my hands are getting tired but Jason has way more than that. . .

Favorite article of clothing: girl pants, old navy boxers, skate shoes, stripe shirts, polos, shoelaces on wrist and girls watch(thanks to Tanner) oh and hoodies

Skate video: es Menikmati, PJ Ladd, Through, Thats Life, and of course LMM when it comes out

Deck brand: Real, any DLXSF, FOSKCO

Shoe Brand: eS, Emerica, Adio, and Savier(when it was around)

Music artists: Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Who, The Moving Units, The Sheila Devine, The Mamas and the Papas, The Rolling Stones, Chili Peppers, Phantom Planet, Modest Mouse, Iron Maiden, Lynyrd Skynrd, Jimi Hendrix, Dio, way too many more if we named them all we would be

Food: anything edible

Deck size: 7.63 and 7.75

Favorite sayings: get over it, whats next, i love you, whats up pops, get real, thats so good, did you, the funny thing is..., nuh uh, too many to remember

Goals in life: always be with good friends, be happy, do something I enjoy in life, always do art, make a good part in LMM, get out of high school

Signature product: the whole shootin match a.k.a. everything

Last words: whats next?

come on now
try to understand
the way i feel
when i'm in your head