Name: Angelo Jesus Hernandez

Nickname: Dweeb

Birth date: 8/27/86

Birth Place: Topeka, KS

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160

Stance: Goofy

Current Residence: Topeka, KS

Years skating: 3

Starting skating: Brandon Waugh

Influences in skating: emp

Favorite skate spot: boaters world

Favorite tricks: fakie big spin, double flips, nollie back lips

Besides skating: work

Favorite skater: emp and t.k.

Favorite article of clothing: boxers

Skate video: baker3

Deck brand: a boards a board

Shoe Brand: a shoes a shoe

Music artists: modest mouse, david bowie, kanye west, sparta, and the beach boys

Food: food is food

Deck size: smaller is better

Favorite word: Everybody makes mistakes.

Goals in life: don't have any

Signature product: watch

Last words: Everybody makes mistakes.

laugh motherfucker
but it ain't no joke